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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about iPad and Tablet Cases

Whether it's everyday use or particularly harsh conditions, life can take a toll on your tablet. You shove it in your bag. You drop it. Some days, certain emails or social media posts make you want to throw it. The same portability and versatility that makes a tablet so appealing also makes it vulnerable. A tablet case offers protection and can add unique style along with additional functionality. Take a look at a few commonly asked questions to help you choose the best protection for your device.

Why do I need a case for my tablet?

The right case can protect your tablet against scratches, dings, dust, sand, and even rain, as well as impacts from drops and jostles. And if your tablet has suffered a few battle scars already, a new case can give it a fashionable facelift while helping to extend its life.

What type of tablet case is best for my device?

The best case for you is the one that not only fits your tablet but also your lifestyle. If you're on the go in harsh conditions, constantly juggling tasks, tools (and devices), you'll probably want a rugged case to absorb shock and withstand damage. If you're going to have it out in the elements, invest in one with a built-in screen protector or even consider a sealed, waterproof design.

A thinner, lightweight case may be a better option if you're travelling a lot, or merely taking your tablet to and from the office. It offers moderate protection, and tends to be a little more stylish.

If you work in a busy office or attend classes where tablets are a common sight, it may be convenient to customize yours with one of the many unique, designer cases or tablet covers available, so it's easy to identify.

What are the main factors to consider when buying a tablet case?

Once you've determined the level of protection appropriate for you, make sure you choose a case that's compatible with your tablet. A good case should fit in terms of size and design. Unless it's a rugged, waterproof case it should ideally allow free access to all your ports and buttons.

There's a case for virtually every tablet out there, and in the case of the most popular devices (no pun intended), an incredible variety to choose from. Best Buy carries a myriad of cases and covers for your iPad, iPad air, and iPad mini, from vibrant patterned head-turners and hefty protectors to Apple's own line of sleek Smart Covers.

Choose from materials like silicone, leather, fabric, hard plastic, or metal. Whatever your preference or style, you don't have to settle for anything less than the perfect fit.

What are some notable features available?

Tablet cases built for functionality offer added convenience. Multi-angle stands let you prop up and adjust your device so you can watch videos or type more comfortably. Some cases even have built-in keyboards that can enhance your productivity. Smart cases and smart covers have the added benefit of waking your device when opened, and automatically putting it to sleep when closed.