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Finding the right camera for you at a price you can afford

Which camera should you choose?

It’s not necessarily hard to find a camera on sale, it just comes down to what you feel may be the right fit for you. As a beginner, you may prefer one that is easier to use and learn from, whereas intermediate and experienced photographers will have a better grasp on the kind of camera they want to shoot with.

There are DSLR and mirrorless cameras to choose from, and there are some distinct differences between them. Mirrorless cameras have an advantage in being smaller, yet also able to use many of the same lenses. DSLRs maintain a more traditional design, including an optical viewfinder, rather than the electronic one often seen in mirrorless models.

The Canon Rebel DSLR series is built with beginners in mind, as are Sony’s a6000 series mirrorless cameras. Others, like the Sony a7 II and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV are best for those with the photography knowledge to get the most out of them.

When other types of cameras are there?

Point-and-shoot cameras are still around, and can be a good option when you want to upgrade from a smartphone. They routinely offer more optical zoom and are equipped with larger image sensors, meaning they can see further and capture more detailed images. Portable and lightweight, you may find them to be ideal for travel or to keep handy when you need to take important photos. Just bear in mind you can’t change lenses.

GoPro has long been the most popular action camera, and is still going strong. There is also an equally strong aftermarket supporting GoPro cameras to help you capture footage in adventurous ways.

How to accessorize your camera

By “accessorizing” your camera, you are using tools to help you capture better images under different conditions and circumstances. Lenses are the backbone of good photography, and most mirrorless cameras support them. DSLRs always support various lenses. You just have to be sure the camera you have is compatible with them, usually confirmed by whichever letter the manufacturer uses to go with the word “mount.” For example, the Canon Rebel line is an EOS camera compatible with the company’s EF lens mount.

A tripod can maintain a stable position, especially when capturing low-light and night images. A gimbal can do the same for stability, only with a motor inside to move the camera on an axis for really smooth video footage. You can get portable lighting for vlogging purposes, or to add some visual spark to product images. Memory cards are the only way to save everything you shoot in the moment. Cases and bags are the best way to transport your camera and keep it safe, along with whatever accessories you can fit in them.