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Stay at the top of your top game with fitness recovery equipment

Regardless of your fitness level, anyone can benefit from fitness recovery practices and products. When we exercise, our bodies are put under strain that if untreated can lead to reduced mobility, injury, and pain. If your goal is to maintain or increase your activity, practicing fitness recovery techniques is a must.

What is fitness recovery?

Fitness recovery includes a wide range of practices, such as massage, regular stretching, or physical therapy. Some athletes even dedicate an entire day out of their routine to fitness recovery. But you don’t need to be a professional. There are plenty of fitness recovery products that anyone can use to prevent injury, recover faster, and stay active longer.

Which fitness recovery products are best for me?

Whether you’re a performance athlete, healing an injury, or just being active and healthy, anyone can benefit from using fitness recovery products and techniques. There are a ton of fitness recovery products available to fit almost any need, but some of the most common ones are vibration machines, acupressure balls, foam rollers, and inversion tables.

Use a vibration machine after an intense workout

Vibration machines use vibration therapy to contract and relax your muscles, which promotes both better blood flow and can help soothe sore muscles. If you’re an athlete who does intense training, regularly using a vibration machine after a workout can promote flexibility, ease soreness, and prevent injury.

Or if you’re already dealing with an injury, you can find vibration machines that target specific areas, such as muscles and joints, to reduce pain and speed recovery.

Acupressure balls and foam rollers massage tight muscles

Acupressure balls and foam rollers are both massage tools you can use to relax tense and sore muscles. They both use pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle and tissue relax muscle knots. They are both easy to store and use, making them perfect for anyone trying to stay active.

To use an acupressure ball, just slowly roll or press it into your muscles. They are often covered in bumps or small spikes that can hit your pressure points and reach a deeper layer of muscle to relax them even further. Acupressure balls are light and small enough to be used on almost any part of the body, making them a super versatile fitness recovery tool.

To use a foam roller, place it on the floor and lay your sore muscle area on top of it, then roll it under the muscle using your body weight to apply pressure for a deep massage. Foam rollers cover a lot more surface area than an acupressure ball, making them perfect for massaging your larger muscles, like the ones in your legs and back.

You can also find vibrating acupressure balls or foam rollers, so you can get the best of both worlds stay in tip-top shape.

For back strain or injury, consider an inversion table

Many people with back pain or injuries can benefit from inversion therapy, often using an inversion table. An inversion table is a platform that can flip your body upside down, so you can hang suspended by your ankles. This reduces the gravitational pressure on your back, and can promote better spinal alignment, increase flexibility, and reduce back pain (and it’s also just fun). Inversion tables are a common tool used by athletes or those with back injuries to reduce pain and promote healing. If your back is a sore spot for you, consider an inversion table.