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Frequently asked questions about LEGO sets

Through all the evolutionary years of toys, LEGO sets remain a classic favourite. LEGOs are not only fun to play with, they also promote development in kids and stress-relief in adults. Whether you build together or solo, LEGOs are fun for everyone.

What do you do with LEGOs?

While most LEGO kits come with instructions, it’s understood that in LEGOland, there are no rules. You can follow the design, or you can choose your own adventure and create your own masterpiece. Playing with LEGO means becoming the creator of your own world wonder.

Are LEGOs beneficial for kids?

There’s a good reason LEGO kits have been around for so many decades—they never go out of style. LEGO continues to be an all-time kids favourite, and it’s a good thing that they are. Playing with LEGO sets promotes mental development in a number of ways. Children who play with LEGO can learn teamwork and communication, problem-solving skills, and increase their creative thinking. Building with LEGO blocks also improves coordination and the strengthening of fine motor skills. It’s basically the toy equivalent of hiding vegetables in the desert.

Are LEGOs fun for adults?

We all grew up with them, who says we can’t still play with them? Creating a LEGO masterpiece is just as fun for adults, plus it’s a great stress reliever. Taking a break from all the screens is essential, and unwinding with LEGO has become a hobby for plenty of adults. You can take your building skills up to the next level with some of the more difficult LEGO sets.

What kinds of LEGO sets are available?

Whether you’re looking for classic pieces or state-of-the-art kits, you have plenty of LEGO sets to choose from. LEGO makes sets for themes like Jurrasic, Star Wars and more, allowing you to create a mini version of some of your favourite universes, characters and all. You can also find classic LEGO City sets, LEGO Architecture sets, and more. LEGO adventures can even go beyond the building blocks and into the video game world.