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816 results

LEGO—The Classic Building Block Toy You Never Outgrow

LEGO is an All-Time Kids’ Favourite

LEGO is undoubtedly one of the most creative, imaginative, and indeed most popular toy properties of all time. Everyone that encounters LEGO absolutely loves it. And what’s not to love? There are basic LEGO sets for newcomers to building blocks, medium sized sets with enough parts to be challenging (without being overwhelming) and sets so large and complex that building them feels like an epic mission. Completing one of these massive sets is incredibly rewarding to kids, both for the feeling of accomplishment it brings and in the fun they’ll have with the fully completed project. LEGO also features numerous different themes for virtually every taste and interest, meaning it truly has something for everyone.

Different Types of LEGO

No matter the interests of you or your child, there’s sure to be a LEGO set that meets your needs. LEGO has everything from Star Wars and Harry Potter themed sets to LEGO City and even LEGO Friends. LEGO Star Wars sets feature locations, ships, and iconic moments from that galaxy far, far away—along with the appropriate characters and personnel to fit the unfolding scene. LEGO Harry Potter sets feature the heroic kids and magical places from the books and moves we love, as well as the unique elements that make the stories great (sorting hats, messenger owls, quidditch brooms, and more).

Of course, if you prefer to build something more representative of our own real world, both LEGO City and LEGO Friends have everything you can imagine. LEGO City offers police stations, fire departments, passenger trains, food trucks, outdoor parks, and pretty much everything one expects to encounter in a real-world city. Similarly, LEGO Friends has realistic elements like vehicles, houses, coffee shops, and campers, only its human characters (like Mia, Stephanie, and Olivia) are more realistic than traditional LEGO mini-figures and live in their own unique world.

Another impressive LEGO theme is that of LEGO Architecture, which allows you to build realistic cityscapes of some of the world’s greatest and most intriguing cities. Imagine building Paris, complete with the Eiffel Tower, or New York City, with famous landmarks like the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. You can even build singular architectural marvels like the Great Wall of China or the Guggenheim Museum. If you want to build realistic, miniature representations of exotic real-world locales, then LEGO Architecture is for you!

Other popular LEGO themes include Minecraft, Jurassic World, both Marvel and DC Super Heroes, and the incredibly cool LEGO Mindstorms sets that allow you to build real, working robots. Then there is LEGO Duplo, with themes and blocks that are perfectly suited to smaller children (ages 2-5). Today’s LEGO empire even includes the amazing LEGO Worlds adventure game, which allows kids to take their LEGO adventures beyond the realm of building blocks alone and into the video game world.

Getting Started with LEGO

Choosing a fun and appropriate LEGO set is a whole lot easier than one might imagine considering all the options that are available to choose from. LEGO makes clear the theme of each set with great pictures showing exactly what the set is all about and what’s included in it. More importantly, LEGO provides a clearly stated age range that includes both an upper and lower limit so that anyone falling within the range is an ideal candidate for understanding the complexities of the set and successfully completing it. Simply follow LEGO’s own guidelines, and fun and success awaits!