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FAQ’s About PS5 Consoles

PS5 console features

The PlayStation 5 is a giant technical leap over the PlayStation 4. The console comes with 16GB of GDDR6 memory and a custom RDNA 2 AMD graphics chip that can output 10.28 TFLOPS of graphics processing power with ray tracing enabled.

To further explain, ray tracing simulates the way light moves and how it bounces off various surfaces in real life. PlayStation 5 games that use ray tracing will have water, glass, light refraction, and a character’s hair that looks even more realistic.

One of the main features of the PS5 is the super-fast SSD with a custom I/O. This allows the PS5 to boot a game in a matter of seconds and many games will not contain any load screens at all. For example, the PlayStation 5 can load 16GB of data in just two seconds. In comparison, it would take the PlayStation 4 a total of 32 seconds to load that same amount of data.

In addition to an RDNA 2 based graphics chip, the PS5 contains a custom engine for 3D audio, which gives every sound in a game dimensionality. The PlayStation 5 is backwards compatible with the overwhelming majority of PlayStation 4 titles. That means you can play your favourite PS4 games on PS5 with more stable frame rates and potentially higher resolutions.

What’s the difference between PlayStation 5 console versions?

The PlayStation 5 comes in two different versions. The first is the PlayStation 5 standard console. What makes this console unique is that it includes an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive. The second PlayStation 5 console, is called the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. And, it does not include an Ultra HD Bluray disc drive.

Both consoles offer the same gameplay experience as each other and have the exact same technical specifications. The only difference is that the PlayStation 5 standard console will accept physical disc-based games and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is download only.

For players who like to purchase physical games and watch Ultra HD Blu-ray movies, the PlayStation 5 standard model with the disc drive is the best option. And, for those players who love the convenience of purchasing their games digitally and streaming their movies, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is the perfect choice

What comes with the PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 comes with everything you need to get up and running. In addition to the console itself, you get a PS5 DualSense controller, power cord and HDMI cable.