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Xbox and gaming innovation

The Microsoft Xbox family of gaming consoles have always been at the forefront of technology and innovation, and have had a profound influence on the gaming industry. When the original Xbox launched along with the first entry in the Halo franchise of games, it had an incredible impact on gaming on a global scale. The Halo franchise turned the first-person shooter genre of video games into a worldwide phenomenon, and even today it is by far the most popular genre in gaming.

Today Xbox still pushes boundaries and strives to deliver the latest and greatest in home entertainment. Xbox is home to some of the biggest exclusive franchises in gaming that are only playable on Xbox consoles, as well as a diverse and glowing library of AAA titles from major studios, monster hits in the free-to-play and battle royale genres, and even some of the most critically-acclaimed independent releases through its “ID@Xbox” program. Not to mention that Xbox is also the exclusive platform for Mixer—its own video game streaming service—on top of all the most popular streaming applications for movies, music and TV as well. Xbox truly is an all-inclusive solution to all your gaming and digital entertainment needs.

Xbox Live

The versatility and power of Xbox

Xbox is committed to providing gamers with the ultimate all-in-one solution for both gaming and home entertainment. The Microsoft Xbox family offers some of the most visually impressive experiences available, with consoles that lead the industry in power and performance. The diverse library of games that benefit from the incredible technology of the Xbox range from family-friendly titles for all ages to blockbuster shooters, realistic sports and racing sims, the hottest titles in competitive eSports, and everything in between.

Yet even while Xbox is designed to give players the most incredible gaming environment imaginable, it still has more to offer. From live gaming broadcasts to digital downloads, media streaming, and so much more, Xbox is truly an all-inclusive hub for all your home entertainment needs.

No matter how you like to play, Xbox delivers the best experience in gaming and home