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  • Keyboards and Mice Combos Work Together for Great Productivity and Great Gaming

    Choose the perfect Mouse and Keyboard 

    What is the primary use of your computer system? If you’re a gamer, you’ll want a keyboard and mouse specially designed for gaming. Gaming keyboards and gaming mice typically have special buttons and features that are intended for such purposes. If you rarely play games, you’ll likely prefer a more standard style of keyboard and mouse, but you still have many options to consider. 

    Ergonomic Options 

    Another important consideration is ergonomics. If you suffer from carpel tunnel syndrome or occasional arm pain, or if you wish to head off such problems in the future, ergonomic gear is a must. There are a variety of designs, some with split keyboards, and interesting curves meant to allow more natural, comfortable hand placement while typing. 

    Wireless or Wired? 

    Wireless mice and keyboards are great for reducing wire clutter and may also provide a better operational range than their wired in counterparts. Still, some prefer not to have the opportunity to easily lose or misplace their mouse, which may happen with wireless versions of such small devices. 

    If you choose wireless, be sure to consider whether the mouse you select offers a Bluetooth based connection, and consider as well the promised range of your preferred model. Will your mouse give you the wireless range that you expect and need? 

    Brand Considerations 

    Many people also have specific brand considerations. For example, if you own a computer of a particular brand that you really like a lot, you may wish to purchase peripherals of the same brand to ensure the utmost in consistency and compatibility. Alternatively, you may prefer a brand from a recognized leader in the field, like Logitech. 

    Ensure Compatibility: Do You Have a PC Or a Mac? 

    One of the most important considerations when buying computer accessories is that of compatibility with your existing equipment. Do you own a PC or a Mac? Whichever system you have, there are many different options to choose from. However, if you own a Mac and buy something that's only compatible with Windows, a return trip to the store is inevitable. Avoid this scenario by planning ahead and making sure that your preferred gear is compatible with your existing setup the first time around. Simply reading the product specs carefully can save you considerable headaches. 

    Other Possible Considerations 

    There are multiple sizes and layouts to consider. Choose something that’s both visually appealing and comes in a size you will be comfortable with during daily use. 

    You may also want to look for models with specific hot keys for programs or features you frequently use. Hot keys, or shortcut keys, can save you considerable time when using them often.