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Gifts for Music Lovers

Make magnificent music with Casio keyboards.
Whether they’re just getting the hang of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star or they’re in the process of mastering Mozart, Casio’s range of keyboards and digital pianos are designed to ensure continual improvement and bring forth their best possible performances. And with great features like amazing sound, portability, and no need to ever be tuned, Casio’s keyboards and pianos are perfect for beginners, pros, masters, and even musical geniuses.
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The latest and greatest audio tech is here.
From sunglasses with a soundtrack to bone-conducting headphones, if you’re looking for the newest, coolest, bass-line booming audio technology this holiday season for the music lover on your gift list, Best Buy’s where it's at for groove-approved gear.
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Party speakers start the party.
Turn any party up to 11 this holiday season with a party speaker. Explore Best Buy's wide assortment of speakers, each designed to pump tunes and get bodies moving. Enjoy thumping, thunderous low-end bass, wireless and USB connectivity options, customizable coloured LED lights, awesome DJ mixing functionalities, and karaoke options so you and your friends can take the lead and belt out those high notes.
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Portable speaker. Portable party.
Make it a party wherever you are these holidays with portable Bluetooth speakers. Robust and easy to take with you, portable speakers pump up the atmosphere and keep the energy high for hours thanks to their long battery life. Jam away with just one, or pair them up to create the ultimate party session with features like flashing LED lights, extra bass, voice assistance, and more.
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Freedom to do comes standard with truly wireless headphones.
Say goodbye to tangles and say hello to a world without wires. Our busy, active lifestyles demand more freedom, and with truly wireless headphones and earbuds, freedom is yours. So pump your jam absolutely anywhere, whether you’re working out, studying, on your commute, or just chilling. Sized to come along for the ride, fit with comfit, and blast great music, truly wireless headphones are freedom like never before.
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Experience music like never before with noise cancelling wireless headphones.
Start enjoying your favourite tunes no matter where you go, with wireless headphones. With noise cancelling, ambient, and adaptive sound options, you can feel the beat and feel at ease no matter where you are. And when that phone-line rings, just remember one thing; you’ll be able to talk for hours, then pump your beats for hours more with battery life designed to handle everyday life.
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Gifts for musicians & music lovers

Music is the universal language that unites us all. Whether they are talented musicians creating incredible melodies all their own, or simply audio enthusiasts who can’t get through the day without a soundtrack of their favourite tunes, everyone has a music lover on their shopping list. Share their passion this holiday season with gifts for musicians, music lovers, and even gifts for the music teacher in your life.

Great gifts for musicians

Musicians may just be among the easiest people to shops for. From new instruments to accessories, supplies, sheet music and more, there are so many great gift ideas.

Musical instruments

When choosing gifts for piano players or gifts for guitar players for example, it may not always be practical to invest in a brand new piano or guitar, but what about a fun new instrument such as a ukulele or harmonica? Many musicians love branching out their skills to new platforms. Small instruments like these that are easy to pick up and play, including recorders, bongo drums, beginner guitars and keyboards, shakers and more also makes wonderful gifts for kids.

Musical accessories

Musical Instruments require a lot of care and upkeep, and a music lover will always appreciate being well-stocked on all the necessary accessories that go along with their craft. Guitar players can always use new strings, guitar straps, tuners, capos, and the like. Drummers need drum sticks or a comfortable throne to sit on, keyboardists can benefit from a new stand or piano bench—the list goes on. Even vocalists need microphones, stands, monitors, and speakers to project their voice.

Whatever instrument the musician in your life plays, odds are there is a long list of accessories that will make their experience so much better. And don’t forget about all those amazing music teachers out there! When it comes to music, if it pleases the student, it almost certainly would please the teacher as well. Showing appreciation for your music teacher can be as simple as a thoughtful piano ornament or music-themed accessory.

Regardless of instrument, every musician needs music to play as well. Sheet music can make a great gift for anyone who plays and reads music. Choose from classic arrangements or the latest in film scores and popular music.

Fantastic gifts for music lovers

Not everyone plays a musical instrument, but nearly everyone still loves music. Music-related gift ideas are a great option for just about anyone around the holidays, because who doesn’t enjoy new and exciting ways to experience their favourite tunes?

Portable speakers and headphones

Among the most popular gifts for music lovers are portable speakers and headphones. With amazing advances in streaming technology it’s easier than ever to take our music collection with us on the go. Wireless and Bluetooth portable speakers are designed to deliver great sound while still being compact enough to carry around. In the backyard, at the beach or pool, on a camping trip, or even in the kitchen—portable speakers ensure that everyone can enjoy great music just about anywhere.

Headphones are also sure to please any music lover on your shopping list. Wireless earbuds and sport headphones are perfect for the audiophile who doubles as a fitness enthusiast, while high-end on-ear and over-ear headsets deliver some of the most powerful listening experiences available.

Turntables and vinyl

With the recent resurgence in the popularity of vinyl, a new record player or turntable is another fun and unique gift idea. They can please members of the classic rock generation looking to break out their old record collection, or make a hip gift for a teenager who is just discovering vinyl for the first time. And of course there is also a wide selection of vinyl records available—both new releases and classic reprints—that are sure to be a hit with collectors and vinyl lovers.