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E3 2017 FAQ

What is the E3 pre-order deal this year?

During E3 2017 (June 9-15), Reward Zone™ Gamers Club members can receive 20% off when they pre-order any video game online at BestBuy.ca (See disclaimer below). This includes newly announced games at E3!

How do I get the deal?

You must be a Reward Zone™ Gamers Club member. A valid online promo code must be used at the time of order to receive the discount. The promo code can only be used online at BestBuy.ca on whichever games you wish to pre-order. Enter your exclusive E3 pre-order code during checkout and the discounted price will be displayed.

How do I get my code if I am a member of Reward Zone Gamers Club?
  • Existing Reward Zone™ Gamers Club members who opted into receiving marketing messages will be sent their promo code via email on June 9th, 2017.
  • Existing Reward Zone™ Gamers Club members who have NOT opted into receiving marketing messages can get the code here. Select “Already a Reward Zone Member”, follow the directions from there and your code will be emailed to you.
How do I get my code if I am not a member of Reward Zone or Reward Zone Gamers Club?

Signing up is easy and there's no fee to join Reward Zone™ Gamers Club, which is a sub-program of Reward Zone™. To become a Reward Zone™ Gamers Club member you need to be a Reward Zone™ member first. If you are not a Reward Zone™ Gamers Club member, click here, select “Not a Reward Zone Member”, and follow the directions from there to get your code emailed to you.

How do I use my code?
  1. During E3 (June 9-15), add any pre-order games to your cart.
  2. Check your email for your promo code and copy it.
  3. While in checkout, enter the code in the “Add a promotional code” field on the right of the page. The 20% discount will be applied to all pre-order games in your order, up to a maximum of 8 per order. The code can be used for 8 separate orders.
  4. Continue through checkout, submit your order, and save big!
Can I use each code more than once?

Yes! Each code can be used on separate orders, to a maximum of 8 orders. Within each order, the code can be applied on up to 8 games.

I lost the E3 promo code emailed to me, what do I do?

Contact us at 1-866-969-7393. We will confirm your eligibility and provide you with a replacement code.

Will the discount apply to any game on BestBuy.ca?

The discount only applies to pre-order games online and includes newly announced titles from E3 (see the disclaimer at the bottom of this FAQ section). It does not apply to Collector’s Editions or Interactive Toys (such as LEGO Dimensions and Skylanders). The offer is not available for in-store pre-orders.

Does the 20% discount apply to my whole order or only video games?

It only applies to video games. The discount does not apply to items other than video games and games that are not eligible (see the disclaimer at the bottom of this FAQ section).

A game I want to pre-order is not on the website yet. What should I do?

Sit tight! We will be adding titles throughout the week as fast as possible. We’re aiming to have every title announced at E3 up for pre-order before the promotion expires.

If there is a pre-order DLC bonus announced at a later date, will I get it?

If a pre-order DLC bonus is announced for the standard edition of the title you pre-ordered, you will absolutely get the bonus!

If a game is sold out online, is there a chance it'll come back for pre-order again?

Yes! Keep checking back as all titles should be in stock during the pre-order window, however a small number of titles do have limited quantities.

Do I have to pay for the games when I order them?

Nope! You will have to add your payment details when you check out, but you won’t be charged until each game is ready to ship. It does not matter if they come out at different times.

If the price of the game is reduced closer to release, what does this mean for my order?

You will receive 20% off the new lower price! That is, as long as your order and the games are all eligible for the promotional deal.

Can I update my method of payment at a later date if needed?

If you have placed your order as a guest, payment methods cannot be updated after you have submitted your order. Members can definitely update their payment information; follow the steps below or call Customer Service directly at 1-866-969-7393.

  1. Log in to check your order status
  2. Look for the appropriate order number and click it to view the details.
  3. Click on the “Change Payment Information” button
  4. Enter your new payment information and save the changes
  5. We will re-process the order shortly. You will receive an email confirmation once the item has shipped.
Why are so many release dates set for December 31st?

This is just a placeholder date. All games will be updated with their actual release dates once our vendor partners provide us with full details.

How does shipping work? Does pre-ordering them all together mean they'll ship together?  

Each game will be shipped as they are released.

Does this promotion work in-store too? I’d rather pick them up in-store on launch day.

This is an online-only promotion and the games will be delivered to your shipping address as they are released.

Do you have any other recommendations on how to make this the smoothest experience ever?
  • Place your order as a Best Buy member (rather than using the guest option) so you always have access to your order details and can update them online as needed.
  • Have questions about codes? Call Reward Zone Gamers Club Customer Service at 1-866-969-7393.
  • Have questions about your order? Contact Best Buy Customer Service.
  • Enter your Reward Zone™ member ID to ensure you receive 2x Reward Zone points for every dollar spent on all new and used games and gaming accessories.
Where do I find my Member ID?

Your 13-digit Member ID can be found on the back of your Reward Zone™ membership card. You could also log in to your Reward Zone account online at BestBuyRewardZone.ca for your Member ID information. If you are subscribed to Reward Zone™ emails, you can find your Member ID within the email as well.

What if I haven’t received my Reward Zone Member ID at the time I make my purchase?

Just leave this field blank, and we will ensure your points are added to your account within 36 days of your purchase. Unfortunately, with such a high volume of new members coming in, there may be a delay in the distribution of Reward Zone Member ID numbers. If you don’t see your points reflected in your account after 36 days, please call Reward Zone Customer Service toll-free at 1-866-969-7393 (Canadian customers only).

Disclaimer & Details:

Offer valid for Reward Zone Gamers Club members only. A valid offer code must be used at the time of order to receive the discount. The offer code can only be used online at BestBuy.ca.  Discount will be applied at checkout. Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional offer. No dealers please. Best Buy reserves the right to cancel any orders that are fraudulent or do not comply with the terms of this offer. Excludes: Interactive toys (e.g. Skylanders, LEGO Dimensions, etc.) and Collectors Editions of software titles.  See BestBuy.ca/E3 for details. Reward Zone points will be automatically added to your Reward Zone account 36 days after the game has shipped.

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