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Happy Hour

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Winning picks from our last Happy Hour

Happy Hour Voting Deals

Customers vote on social media platforms for a product to go on promotion. Two products are put head-to-head in a poll for 24 hours and whichever one has the most total votes goes on promotion during the designated “Happy Hour” time. Happy Hour is 3pm to 8pm ET on the day voting ends.


  1. Customers vote on social media marketing platforms (Instagram/TikTok) for a duration of 24 hours (Wednesday 11am ET to Thursday 11am ET).
  2. After the voting period, Best Buy Canada will aggregate all votes across the voting platforms and then notify customers of the winning products.
  3. Best Buy Canada will post the winning products on Instagram using their Stories feature.
  4. Winning products go on promotion after the voting polls close on Thursday, from 3pm to 8pm ET.