Gifts for Grads 2021

School's out. Tech's next. Find them a graduation gift to pursuetheir passion.

Graduation Gifts to Celebrate Big Achievements

Graduation is a momentous time in anyone's life. It marks the end of a chapter, where new grads get to celebrate their years of hard work and start looking forward to the future. Whether you're celebrating a high school graduation, a post-secondary graduate, or someone graduating from a solo course that they've really loved, acknowledging this big step in their life can be a really meaningful way to connect with them.

According to Statistics Canada, about half a million Canadian students graduate from a postsecondary institution every year (as of 2017). That's a lot of gifts for grads that proud parents are out looking for!

Home essentials for graduates leaving the nest

If your recent graduate is moving abroad next year, getting them a gift they can use in their new home is always appreciated. Look for items that'll fit well in their dorm room, or focus on bigger ticket home items for graduates who will be moving out on their own when they finish their degree.

It may not be traditional, but a new kitchen appliance paired with a meaningful card can be a wonderful high school graduation gift. Decorating the appliance with embarrassing childhood photos? Well, that part is optional!

Entertainment and fitness graduation gifts

If you've haven’t yet found the perfect graduation gift for him or her, consider something that'll help your graduate take a break from all that studying. They've done a great job so far, and breaks can be an excellent way to let one's brain crystallize new information.

Entertainment gifts for grads give them the opportunity to take a break while focusing on a different task, and they give busy students the opportunity to connect with friends. What's a better way to decompress during summer break than playing on a new gaming system or watching Netflix on your new TV?

Similarly, personal care items like smartwatches and massage guns are excellent for reminding your graduate that they need to take care of their whole body—not just their brain.

Tech grad gifts

Tech and entertainment items also make great gifts for grads. These products span a wide spectrum, from a useful new laptop to help your grad get ahead to a smartphone that'll help them keep in touch during this big transition in their lives. Another graduation classic is a set of headphones, which you can easily upgrade by opting for a noise cancelling model.

Show the graduate in your life how proud you are of them with a meaningful gift that they can use for years to come.