Gifts For Tech Lovers

Create magic with Chromebook this holiday season.
Not your run-of-the-mill laptop. Chromebooks are designed to handle whatever you need to do at home, at work, at school, or on the go and come with the best of Google built in, a world of apps, cloud storage, and virus protection. And with slim, convertible designs, they’re perfectly portable and designed for whatever life you decide to create for yourself.
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Gift them the smoothest gaming experience ever with ASUS.
These holidays, gaming has never been better than on ASUS ROG gaming monitors. Featuring refresh rates of up to 165Hz and ASUS Gamevisual technology, these gaming monitors deliver up to 4K in resolution, vivid colour, and silky-smooth frames, that all combine beautifully to maximize immersion in every game.
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Let your entertainment rule with Google Pixel Slate.
The Google Pixel Slate's 12.3” Molecular Display with 6 million pixels brings your favourite movies and videos to life, while the dual front-firing speakers are tuned to perfection and deliver a premium audio experience like no other. Plus, take your games and films with you and enjoy your entertainment offline, play music, and explore games without a Wi‑Fi connection.
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Play to win with Logitech gaming gear.
From competitive Esports to casual, action-packed fun, Logitech is intently focused on pushing gaming gear to the limits of what’s possible. So, if you’re shopping these holidays for the gamer in your life, give them the tools to play at peak performance, and achieve breathtakingly immersive gaming experiences.
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Make movie night incredible with Samsung QLED 4K TVs.
See all of your favourite holiday movies like never before on a Samsung 4K TV. With the ability to express over a billion colours, Samsung’s QLED technology outputs accurate, rich, and detailed hues in any light. And with Quantum Processor 4K, picture quality, brightness, and sound are all optimized for you through advanced AI. Plus, ambient mode lets you say goodbye to that boring black screen and enjoy meaningful lifestyle canvases that complement your décor when you’re not watching.
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Win by the widest of margins with Samsung gaming monitors.
The CRG9 curved gaming monitor from Samsung is the monitor every PC gamer wants. A viewing experience that has to be seen to be believed, the CRG9’s Super Ultra-Wide 32:9 ratio screen curves around your field of view to immerse you in the onscreen gaming action. With screen space equivalent to two 27-inch QHD displays side-by-side, this 49-inch curved monitor delivers a wider view, vividly pure colour, and effortlessly smooth gameplay.
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Some popular favourites

Gift the next obsession to the tech lover in your life

Who is a “tech lover?”

If the person you have in mind is enthusiastic about the latest gadgets and gizmos, then you probably have a tech lover on your hands. Whether they geek out over the newest smartphones and keep track of the best features TVs have to offer, you can find a gift that will make them smile.

There are a variety of products tech lovers would enjoy, with plenty of choices between them. They can be from a swath of flagship and mid-range smartphones that offer the best performance, cameras and battery life. They could be among the bevy of laptops or Chromebooks available, giving your loved one a device they may truly need to get work done.

They may even feel a need to enjoy the content they like watching most, either on a small screen, like a tablet, or on the big screens of today’s latest TVs. There’s nothing like being able to catch up on a movie or binge on a favourite TV show with that kind of convenience.

Finding the right laptop or Chromebook

Laptops and Chromebooks are often about getting the job done, be it at work, school or in the home. The utility and mobility of a computer in one’s personal space—wherever it may be—means your tech-savvy loved one has the power to create and consume on their own terms.

It could take some time and effort to select the model you think is the best fit. Your options are plenty, and you can try to narrow it down to the specs that matter most. Would they prefer a Windows PC or Apple Mac? A larger screen or lighter weight? Is processing power more important than storage space? Can they run the applications that are most important to their workflow?

When you have a clearer sense on the answers to questions like those, you will find the right laptop. With a Chromebook, you have small and large choices to work with, and as devices made to look and feel lightweight, they could be the ideal gift for the tech lover you have in mind.

Finding the right tablet or smartphone

There is probably no more personal a device than a smartphone, and that’s why shopping for the right gift can really be satisfying. With top flagships coming from the likes of Apple, Samsung and Google, along with an array of mid-range devices that include other vendors, options abound.

When you consider what the tech lover loves to do on their phone most, you have the clues to seek the best one for them. It could be as simple as iOS or Android. Maybe the right combination of screen size and battery life. Or just a capable handset that does the job and takes great photos. When they first open up that brand-new phone and feel like they’ve entered a new level in their love for tech, you know you chose well.

That also goes for tablets too. Who doesn’t like the idea of watching their favourite movies, shows and sports on a device they can curl up with at home, or take along on a trip? Tablets come in different sizes, and sometimes, different priorities. There are premium tablets, like the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface, that are built to be laptop replacements for creating content. Some even work with stylus pens to add more artistic capabilities to those devices.

Then there are others from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung and many others that are made for enjoying all the content available on the countless apps they can download. Tablets are fun because they can come in handy in a variety of ways, especially for viewing or creating great content.

Finding the right TV

Whether it’s a big game or dramatic episode of a popular show, the right TV can bring it all to life in any room in the home. These days, TVs are equipped with an assortment of features and technologies to make them the best—and biggest—screens to look at. They can include 4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR (high dynamic range) to display crisp images with a dynamic range in shadows and highlights. They may offer deeper blacks and better colour reproduction to bring images to life.

The latest TVs usually include smart TV platforms that serve up well-known apps, like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, DAZN and many more. That way, the best content is only a click or two away on the remote. There are ports to connect cable boxes, streaming devices, game consoles, speakers, Blu-ray players and more.

Even newer TVs have 8K resolution. That’s double the resolution of a 4K Ultra HD TV and comes in large sizes starting at 55-inches to beyond 80-inches. Big is an understatement with all those numbers in mind, and for the techie in your life, a great TV would be one of the coolest gifts they could ever receive.