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Social media makes it easy to connect to both friends and strangers. If your goal is to grow your online presence and become an influencer, vlogger, or podcaster, there are a few tools you need to get started.

What is an influencer?

Influencers are people who have amassed a large following of fans on various social media platforms. These fans trust their opinions and advice on a particular topic, and the influencer will provide recommendations for brands, products, and services.

You'll find influencers in all types of industries. They are fashion influencers and beauty influencers who deal in things like make-up tips to food and lifestyle influencers who focus on home, health, and fitness. Some have millions of followers, while others have a smaller number of followers in a very niche area.

What is a vlogger?

Bloggers produce text-based content online and are considered authorities on a specific topic or industry. YouTubers, also known as vloggers, produce video content for fans. Vloggers do things like demonstrate make-up application techniques, play video games, or unbox and play with toys.

Vloggers will engage with their fan base through their own web TV show "channel" to which fans can subscribe. They post new content frequently to keep fans continuously engaged and interact with fans on other platforms.

What is a podcaster?

While vloggers create videos to share online, podcasters create audio-based shows they share on platforms like Spotify. A podcast is similar to a radio talk show, and the person will discuss their topic of expertise or have knowledgeable guests on their show.

What tools do I need to be a vlogger, podcaster, or influencer?

Whether you choose to be an Instagram influencer, YouTube vlogger, or podcaster, here is what you need to set yourself up for success.

Laptops for vloggers, influencers, and podcasters

A great laptop is a key tool for anyone who wants to promote themselves online. You’ll need the laptop for producing and/or uploading text for a blog on a website, videos for YouTube, or audio podcasts. You'll also need sufficient bandwidth via home Wi-Fi or mobile wireless service, especially if you plan to stream live videos.

Choose the best vlogging camera for you

A good vlogging camera or video camera is an absolute must when shooting videos. Choose a camera that’s able to record in 4K at 60fps and you’ll enjoy excellent video quality for everything you shoot. You may wish to add an external microphone to enhance the quality of your audio, and you’ll need video editing software to compile your clips into a final product.

Choose a microphone for your podcast

As a podcaster, the main part of your podcast setup will be a microphone. Choose a high-quality microphone for your podcast and you’ll ensure your voice comes through loud and clear. You may also wish to create a camera vlog to use for promotional photos or vidcasts. Before posting a final masterpiece, you'll need proper photo/video editing software and audio mixer to put everything together.

Influencer tools to build your social media platform

Influencers can benefit from a variety of gear that overlaps tech chosen by vloggers and podcasters. One of the must-haves for influencers and vloggers is a tripod to keep the camera steady when you’re shooting alone. For those who shoot on-the-go footage, a Bluetooth or voice controllable selfie stick may come in handy as could a point-of-view (POV) camera like a GoPro.

Start your vlog with an all-in-one vlogging kit

For a quick, all-in-one solution, there are podcasting and vlogging kits ideal for anyone who wants to begin to build a social media platform. They include essentials like a portable mic, mini tripod for a smartphone, and audio mixing software app code.

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