Mini-LED & MicroLED TVs

Mini-LED and MicroLED TVs.

Illuminate your viewing experience. The latest TV picture technology is coming to a screen near you.

See what makes Mini-LED TVs the most stunning viewing experience currently available

Mini is more.

Backlit LED TVs rely on tiny light-emitting diodes (LEDs) behind liquid crystal displays, resulting in TV designs that are remarkably thin, reliable, and energy-efficient. Mini-LEDs measure about a fifth the size of a standard LED. That smaller size means that more of them can be packed together in the same area, providing improved image quality.

Better backlight.

Most standard model LED TVs feature just a dozen dimming zones while Mini-LED TVs offer a hundred or more. More numerous and smaller dimming zones means tighter-controlled backlight, resulting in brighter brights, deeper darks, and less haloing caused by dimming zones spilling into high contrast areas.

A new LED rival for OLED.

Mini-LEDs provide improved contrast and brightness which equals superb HDR performance, but also a richer picture overall, bringing LCD-based TVs closer in line with OLED, currently a leading technology in the TV display world.

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See what makes MicroLED the TV technology of the future

Micro means remarkable.

MicroLEDs are tiny. With a diode in the order of microns, they are a millionth of a meter in size! That's just about small enough to serve as a single pixel in conventional TV sizes and resolutions, providing visual performance never seen before.

Eye-opening colour and luminance.

With brighter whites, darker blacks, and more accurate, realistic colours, plus a more defined colour blend, MicroLED TVs promise to be revolutionary. This improved brightness along with higher contrast and richer colours, combines the best features of OLED and backlit LED TVs, all in one technology.

The future of TV is coming... can you wait?

MicroLED is such a revolutionary next-generation display technology that it's not available in common TV sizes yet. Since MicroLEDs are tinier, they are harder and more costly to produce but it's only a matter of time before more demand will mean economy of scale. Keep your eyes peeled.


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Available summer 2021. Check back for updates.

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