Best Buy Business - Corporate Gifting Program

Choose your gifts and let us do the rest.

We'll help you with gift ideas, managing multiple product and delivery locations, or even creating your own gift catalogue.

Making small and large gift orders to fit your budget

Managing multiple product types and delivery locations

Providing advice on the latest and greatest gift ideas

Creating online gift catalogues with the Choice of Gift program

Solutions for your gifting needs, large or small

Whether you’re looking to get a few presents or want to provide gifts to a large number of employees or customers, our Account Managers can help you choose affordable gifts and get them delivered quickly.

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The Choice of Gift program.

Give staff or customers the chance to choose their own gift. Our Choice of Gift program makes it magically simple. We’ll take care of everything from creating and sharing a gift catalogue to answering questions and arranging delivery.

Contact an Account Manager for more details.

What businesses say about us

"The solution took care of all the possible challenges I could foresee with shipping out 130 gifts to our staff. We were able to provide our team with a dozen amazing products to choose from in an elegant web platform. Our staff felt appreciated and valued and we heard incredible feedback with their appreciation."

- Kate from The Ian Martin Group

Gift ideas under $100

Check out ideas for budget friendly bargains! Contact us to learn more and see all recommended items, great pricing, and how we create a gift catalogue for your employees or customers.

Gift ideas from $100-$250

Check out ideas for modestly priced magic! Contact us to learn more and see all recommended items, great pricing, and how we create a gift catalogue for your employees or customers.

Gift ideas over $250

Check out ideas for top of the line tech! Contact us to learn more and see all recommended items, great pricing, and how we create a gift catalogue for your employees or customers.

Let’s get started

We’re here to help you give your staff and customers gifts they’ll love.

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Save time and money on corporate gifts with Best Buy Business

There are certain times of the year business owners have a great opportunity for corporate gifting. Employee gifts give you a chance to show you appreciate their work and dedication over the past year, and client gifts reward your customers for their loyalty to your business. With Best Buy Business Corporate Gifting Program, you can choose the perfect corporate gifts for every occasion.

Corporate gifts for any size of business and any budget

Best Buy Business has a wide range of corporate gifts you can choose for your employees and clients, and there is something for every budget. Once you make your gift selection or selections, everything is taken care of by Best Buy Business.

Our Corporate Gifting Program is available year-round for all your corporate gifting needs, and you’ll find it especially useful during the busy holiday season.

Business-level pricing on client gifts and employee gifts

Whether you need to purchase a gift for a large group of employees or you'd like a thoughtful gift for a small number of key customers, Best Buy Business will help you keep an eye on your budget. The program gives you access to business-level pricing for a variety of popular corporate gifts including fun gadgets, cool small appliances, or personal items like fitness wearables.

Huge selection of business gifts

Gift giving can be difficult, especially if you spend hours sorting through corporate gift ideas and you still aren't sure they'll love what you selected. When you sign up for Best Buy Business you get more than just discounts on office gifts; they will give you their expert advice on the latest and greatest tech gifts this year so you don't have to guess what they would like. You’ll find a huge selection of the hottest corporate employee gifts without breaking your budget.

Easy order management, even if you ship to multiple addresses

Would you like to choose great company gifts for every person on your list or choose the same type of Christmas gifts for employees in every department? No matter how complex your order, Best Buy Business can take care of everything. You can choose from multiple product types and have your gifts delivered to multiple different addresses.

Corporate gifting is easy with Best Buy Business

When you own a business, time is valuable. You can save time and stick to your corporate gifting budget by signing up for the Choice of Gift Program. Whether you’re looking for company gifts every summer or you need Christmas gifts for employees, you’ll find the best tech and business-friendly pricing with Best Buy Business.