Gifts for the Home

Best Gifts for Home

We’re all spending more time at home, so why not make it memorable, special, and above all, easy? Whether you’re a homeowner yourself looking to spruce up your space, or you’re shopping for housewarming gifts for new homeowners, you can elevate the kitchen, media room, living space and more with these timeless gift ideas.

Small Appliances, big impact

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and with dining out options much more limited, why not create your own dream kitchen? No need for a renovation, some new small appliances can add style and functionality to any kitchen space. Give the health nut in your family a high speed blender or juicer, or consider gifting a stand mixer for the baker. Coffee or espresso machines can make waking up more fun too and gifts like an Instant Pot or slow cooker can make those at-home nightly dinners a lot easier and less messy.

Now’s the time for a total smart home!

Who couldn’t use an extra set of virtual hands? Adding smart digital assistant devices (both speaker-only and with screens) are a great way to keep organized and make your home run seamlessly. Control lights, temperature, add calendar appointments, play music and even family games, all by using your voice.

Smart home security

Now that our homes are our castles more than ever, it pays to keep them secure. A smart security system, a wireless rechargeable indoor or outdoor camera, or smart doorbells and locks are great gifts that can help the family keep tabs on where everyone is at, and on anyone who shouldn’t be lurking around.

Smart lighting can enliven your home

Did you know lighting can change the feel of a room? Smart lighting that offers colour-changing abilities can remake a dull or drab room in an instant. Go for smart light bulbs, wireless lamps, or even eye-catching wall lighting panels that are art of their own. Using coloured light you can bathe the room in a warm glow to stave off winter, or a cool chill blue to take the edge off the heat. Of course you can also coordinate your smart lights to match holidays too!

The gift of home entertainment: TVs are the epicentre

If you’re looking for something for the family that will truly elevate your home, a new TV is a great choice. Far more than just a TV portal, smart TVs are entertainment gateways to gaming, movies, surfing, social media and a lot more.

A new 4K smart TV is the gift that really does keep on giving all year long. Depending on your space and budget you can find many TV options whether you’re looking for some discrete kitchen entertainment while cooking dinner (with your new small appliances!) or a huge screen for immersive viewing in the media room.

Elevate home audio with portable & wireless speakers for great sound anywhere

Keep the vibe going with portable wireless speakers or whole home connected multi-room speakers that can play music all over your home, or be split off to play music separately in any room to match anyone’s taste.

And speaking of home audio, a turntable, or sound bar can go a long way to creating a dazzling home theatre that will be a destination all year long.