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Powering a more sustainable planet, together.

Swap & Save is just one example of how Best Buy is working towards adapting and evolving our business to reduce carbon emissions and waste.

Best Buy's Swap and Save Event: A Step Towards a More Sustainable Future

Best Buy is proud to announce the Swap and Save Event, taking place from April 22 to May 2, 2024, in alignment with Earth Day and our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. This event is part of our broader initiative to encourage and facilitate eco-friendly choices among our customers, supporting a circular economy that values reuse, reduce, and recycle principles.

Earth Day Celebration with Swap and Save

Mark your calendars for Earth Day on April 22 and join us in making impactful choices towards preserving our planet. The Swap and Save event is designed to offer you exclusive deals through our recycle & save, trade-in, and other environmentally focused programs, making it easier for you to contribute to a sustainable future.

Recycle & Save: Bring in your old electronics for recycling and save on your next purchase. It's a simple way to reduce e-waste and upgrade sustainably.

 Trade-in Program: Upgrade your tech responsibly. Trade in your old devices for a Best Buy gift card, and we'll ensure they are reused or recycled.

Discover Future Forward Products: Explore products and services that are not only innovative but also designed with the environment in mind.

Our Mission and Goals

Best Buy is dedicated to being an environmentally responsible organization. We're committed to reducing carbon emissions in our operations by 75% by 2040 and helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint by 20% by 2030. Initiatives such as converting store lighting to LED and adopting energy-efficient practices across our operations underline our commitment to a greener future.

Circular Economy and Sustainable Choices

We invite you to participate in our circular economy efforts:

Refurbished Products: Choose from a wide range of refurbished devices that are as good as new, reducing e-waste and extending the lifecycle of tech products.

Monthly Subscription: A sustainable way to upgrade your tech. After two years, decide to keep or trade-in your laptop, promoting reuse and recycling.

Best Buy Protection: Extend the life of your devices with coverage that goes beyond standard warranties, minimizing the need for replacements.

Battery and Electronics Recycling: Drop off your old batteries and select electronics at any Best Buy store for responsible recycling.

Be Part of the Change with Best Buy

The Swap and Save event is more than just an opportunity to save on the latest tech; it's a chance to join hands with Best Buy in making environmentally conscious decisions. Together, we can work towards a sustainable future, one choice at a time. Explore the deals, participate in our programs, and make a difference this Earth Month with Best Buy.