Updates On Geek Squad Support And Services

Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and employees. That's why we’re closely following Health Canada’s guidelines for both our in-home and in-store services.

In-Home Installation and Repair

You can now book in-home installation at any Best Buy store across Canada. Our Agents are also available to assist you 24/7 through remote support.

When choosing Best Buy for installation or repair, your service may be performed by either Geek Squad or one of our authorized, independent third-party contractors. These contractors are expected to adhere to the same safety precautions as our employees.

Please note: To help protect the safety of our Geek Squad Agents and contractors, any clients who interact with Agents or contractors are required to wear a mask.

Here are the important steps we're taking before, during and after your in-home service to keep everyone safe.

Before your in-home service

We'll call you at least 24 hours in advance of our visit to go over the following:

  • Let you know that we'll be following Health Canada’s guidelines to keep everyone protected.
  • Let you know that the employee(s) visiting your home are not ill.
  • Confirm that you are not ill with flu-like symptoms or in quarantine from possible exposure to COVID-19.
  • Discuss the safety precautions we'll be taking during your in-home service.
  • Confirm that you'd like to proceed with your in-home service.

If you're ill or quarantined, or if you don't want to continue with the appointment, we can reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Here’s how we’ll prepare for our visit:

  • Before reporting for work, we perform a self-health check.
  • We wear clean clothes for each workday.
  • We perform a health check with a manager before heading to your home.
  • We restock our vehicles with masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes and spray, workspace cones, trash bags and more.
  • We clean and disinfect our laptops and mobile devices.

During your in-home service

What you can expect before the work:

  • We'll put on protective gear before we enter your home.
  • We'll keep a 6-foot distance from you as we enter (and for the duration of our visit).
  • We'll go over the five points from our phone call once again.

We’ll take these actions to keep everyone safe during the work:

  • We’ll use protective gear, including masks.
  • We'll prepare a workspace by marking a perimeter that gives us enough room to work in, and that provides a safe amount of distance from you and your family.
  • We'll clean and disinfect all surfaces we'll be touching. We'll also follow manufacturer guidelines and use the correct material to safely clean your product.
  • After the work is complete, we'll provide a demo of your product, with you watching at a safe distance.

After your in-home service

Our safety precautions continue even after we leave your home. Before our next in-home visit, we'll clean and disinfect all tools and supplies. And when we return to our Best Buy location at the end of the day, we will:

  • Place returned products or haul-away items in a designated area to be quarantined and sanitized.
  • Properly dispose of all safety supplies and trash.
  • Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces in our vehicles.
  • File only the minimum required paperwork for each in-home service (which no customer has ever touched).
  • Wash our clothing and reusable materials at home.

Geek Squad Remote Support

Our Remote Support team continues to be available 24/7 by chat and phone to support the technology in your home.

As always, our Geek Squad Home and Business members have unlimited Remote Support privileges included in their membership. We also welcome new Clients who can access Remote Support on a pay-per-use basis or by becoming a member.

You may experience longer wait times due to high demand. We are adding Agents to expand the number of Clients we can support.

Chat with one of our remote Agents and get your tech questions answered and problems solved 24/7. They can remove viruses, help set up your new device, and much more!

Geek Squad Protection

We continue to support our Clients with who have a claim on their Geek Squad Protection plan. Please contact 1-800-GEEKSQUAD (1-800-433-5778) for the most up-to-date details and to submit your claim.

In-Store Geek Squad Computer Repair

In-store Geek Squad computer repair services are now available at all Best Buy stores across Canada. Check our store locator to find a location near you.

If you need a Geek Squad computer repair service but prefer not to visit a store, our Geek Squad Remote Support Agents are available 24/7 by chat and phone to help with tech issues, from strengthening your Wi-Fi signal to setting up your home office tech.

Learn more about Geek Squad computer repair services on our Geek Squad laptop, desktop, and tablet repair services page.