Major Appliance Services

Get your appliances up and running with expert help.

We’re here for you every step of the way. Our experts can install, set up, and protect your major appliances. Plus, we offer 24/7 support if something ever goes wrong.

Why choose Geek Squad for your major appliance needs?

Whether you’re replacing an old dishwasher or upgrading your kitchen, we’re here to help. 

We can set up your new appliance and teach you how to use it, keep it working like new long after the manufacturer’s warranty, and offer ongoing support to provide you peace of mind.

Get set up with Geek Squad

Our authorized Geek Squad partners can install and set up your new appliance. They’ll test functions to make sure it’s working and can even teach you how to use it. We offer setup services for the following appliances:


We’ll connect your dishwasher, turn on the hot water, inspect for leaks, and verify that it’s looped and grounded.

Ovens, cooktops, and ranges.

We’ll install and connect your appliance, make sure gas lines are capped and free of leaks, and test all the functions.


We'll install your refrigerator, connect it to electrical and cold-water lines, and set up the icemaker and water dispenser.


We’ll install your appliance, connect it to electrical, gas, and/or ventilation, inspect for leaks, and level the washer and dryer pedestals.

Microwaves and range hoods.

We'll install your microwave or range hood, mount and secure support brackets, check and rotate the exhaust fan, and test all the functions.

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Feel secure with Geek Squad Protection

Manufacturers' warranties only cover you for so long. We'll extend your coverage and keep your major appliances working like new with Geek Squad Protection.

With Geek Squad Protection¹ you’ll get:

  • In-home services, including diagnoses and repair.
  • Full parts and labour coverage.
  • No Lemon policy – we’ll replace it if it requires more than 3 qualified repairs.
  • Power surge coverage – we’ll fix it or replace it.
  • Coverage for defects caused by normal wear and tear.
  • Reimbursement for spoiled food (refrigerators and freezers).
  • Reimbursement for laundry expenses (washer and dryers).
1Geek Squad Protection Terms and Conditions for more details, specific coverage, and exclusions.
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Enjoy continuous support with Geek Squad Memberships

With a monthly Geek Squad membership, you’ll receive 24/7 support for your major appliances, special discounts, and exclusive perks.

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