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Father's Day is June 21, 2020.

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The Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Any Dad

Stop us if you’ve heard this one from dear old Dad before: “I don’t want anything for Father’s Day, I already have the best Father’s Day gift of all: You.” It’s an innocent little white lie that dads all over the world like to tell their families, along with other popular dad lies like “I can fix anything” and “there’s nothing wrong with that thing I just fixed, it’s supposed to make that sound now.”

To be fair, you are pretty awesome, and Dad is lucky to have you. But you’re also super-duper lucky to have him. So, this year, call his “I don’t want anything” bluff and surprise him with some truly amazing dad-approved gifts. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with this quick primer on great gifts for dads of all stripes.

Gifts for New and Expecting Dads

If there’s a guy in your life who’s just about enter the Dad Club, Father’s Day is a perfect time to outfit him for the life-changing journey ahead. Things like guy-friendly diaper bags , Wi-Fi baby monitors , or electric bottle warmers all make great gifts for new dads because they make any dad’s life easier. If you want to give him some serious street cred with the other dads on the block, a baby carrier lets him take care of the kiddo hands-free while still manning the BBQ and dishing out high fives.

Gifts for Dads Who Love the Latest Tech

There isn’t a dad around who doesn’t love the latest tech. It’s ingrained in dad DNA. Things like portable Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, and just about any smart home device at all make great gifts for any dad. Other high-tech stuff that’ll make Dad giggle inside with glee? Think drones, smartwatches tablets, and cameras —they’re all dad-approved gifts he’ll be bragging about for years and years.

Gifts for Gamer Dads

If the dad you’re buying for is a gamer then finding him gifts should be be easy breezy. If it’s been a while since he upgraded his system, consider spoiling him with a new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One console. If he’s always on the go, a Nintendo Switch means he can get his game on no matter where his dad duties take him. If he already has his console of choice, consider getting him some new video games or accessories, such as a gaming headset.

Gifts for Home Theatre Dads

Piecing together the ultimate home theatre is a life goal that many dads aspire to. It’s right up there with retiring early and making the house more energy efficient. A big screen 4K Ultra HD TV or projector will get him started in a big, big way. Other dad-approved options include sound bars, surround sound systems, media streamers, or even a couple of his favourite movies or TV shows on Blu-ray.

Gifts for Fitness Dads

If Dad is super active or looking to get in better shape, a fitness-trackers will help him visualize his progress and find the motivation he needs to avoid those oh-so delicious daily breakfast burritos. For gym rat dads, consider gifting some workout gear, like a new gym bag, insulated water bottle, or shaker bottle. Other can’t-miss options include home gym equipment, such as weight set, exercise bike, or rowing machine.

Gifts for Dads Who Love the Great Outdoors

Dads go gaga for just about anything that takes place outdoors, so some of the best Father’s Day gifts include gear for Dad’s next big adventure, such as camping and hiking equipment. If Dad fancies himself a bit of an angler, he’d love some new fishing gear. For dads who like to stick closer to home, consider getting some sports equipment for the backyard, such as a basketball hoop.