Geek Squad Academy

Geek Squad Academy is all about showing youth the wonders and opportunities that technology holds — both for their lives today and for their future careers. This isn't your average camp! When attending Geek Squad Academy, students become "Junior Agents" and get hands-on experience with some of the newest and coolest technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Geek Squad Academy?

Geek Squad Academy partners with local non-profit organizations and schools to teach students about the latest technology in a fun, interactive environment. Our camps are customized for students aged 10 to 16 (14 to 16 in Quebec).

Classes are conducted by Geek Squad Agents from local Best Buy stores on topics such as Robotics, Digital Citizenship, 3D Design, Digital Music, and Coding. Our goal is to help youth get excited by the opportunities technology can provide, while building friendships and self-confidence.

How does Geek Squad Academy work?

Interested non-profit organizations and schools across the country must submit a proposal application. Best Buy will review each proposal and award camps based on location, space and timing. Along with providing facilities for the camp, the host organization is responsible for the recruitment and registration of 80-120 students and must be able to provide one staff member to be present in each class to assist with student supervision.

In addition to the traditional full-day camps, events can be shortened to 1-2 hour workshops, after-school, or half-day events if requested. Just tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to try and fit the program to your needs.

Since our classes are taught by Geek Squad Agents and Blue Shirts from local Best Buy stores, eligible facilities must be within a 50 km radius of a Best Buy store.

What is the difference between a full day camp and a workshop?

A full-day camp can include a group of 80 to 120 participants, each taking four different courses throughout the day. To host a full camp, we require four large rooms that can accommodate 20-30 people. A full camp is ideal for large groups such as schools, or non-profit organizations that have access to a large facility

A workshop is ideal for smaller groups of 20 to 40 participants, and can include one or two different courses. Workshops are great for organizations that have smaller facilities and work with smaller groups.

Please keep in mind that to host a full camp, we will need access to your facility and have exclusive use of all the rooms one day prior to the camp for equipment set-up and volunteer training. If you are a school looking to host the camp during school hours, we recommend that camp starts on a Monday so set-up day can be on a Sunday to minimize the disruption.

What courses are taught at Geek Squad Academy?

Like advancements in technology, our curriculum is also constantly evolving. Some of the subjects covered at a Geek Squad Academy session may include:

Digital Music

Students will learn how to use some of the most popular music creation software by working together to create and mix music.


Students will learn the basic foundation of computer programming for robotics. Utilizing teamwork and critical thinking concepts, they will work through a series of challenges.

Digital Citizenship

Students learn their responsibilities as digital citizens as well as increase their digital literacy, understanding the long-term effects of their online interactions through hands-on activities.

3D Design

Students will learn new CAD skills by exploring the tools to design their own three-dimensional models and other creations that can be made with a 3D printer.


Students will learn the fundamental concepts of coding, and create their own internet content by learning about HTML and block programming.

How much does it cost to attend a Geek Squad Academy camp?

Most Geek Squad Academy camps are offered to participants free of charge. However, in a few cases, hosting non-profit partners may charge a nominal fee for participation if needed to offset administrative costs.

Can adults participate in Geek Squad Academy?

Geek Squad Academy does not have programs for adults at this time.

Can I volunteer at Geek Squad Academy?

Volunteer opportunities for Geek Squad Academy are only open to current Best Buy employees.

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