Gifts for Creatives

Gift Guide For Creatives

Art is a language that unites us all. From expressive creators to avid listeners, art brings us together and builds our relationships. These great gifts to get creative will help you grow your passion, or help you encourage someone close to you to do the same.

Great gifts for musicians and music lovers

Musical instruments require a lot of care and upkeep, which can make it easy to buy a gift for your musical friend or family member. To buy a great gift, you don't necessarily need to purchase a big-ticket item like a new guitar—you just need to listen to what a musician needs or loves. A set of new drum sticks or guitar picks help your budding musician to grow without having to worry about supplies, and gives them the option to try something new without needing to make changes in their normal routine.

Other great gifts for musicians might involve new music to learn in the form of sheet music, or recording equipment to help your musician share their craft with a wider audience. Microphones and other recording tools are a great way to show a music lover that you believe in their talent, and help bring them closer to the music lovers among us.

Encourage a digital artist with the perfect gift

Creativity doesn't only encompass music, and digital gifts for creative people are a great way to encourage an at-home artist to continue learning. In the digital age, it's easier than ever to try out a new hobby, whether that means practicing your calligraphy on an iPad or tablet or trying new video editing techniques at home.

Digital artists can do things that Renaissance artists never could have dreamed of, so your gift options for artsy people are limitless. From tablet and iPad accessories to new photo and video editing software, artists can do more than ever with new equipment.

Gift inspiration for photographers and other creators

Photography equipment is a hugely popular category when it comes to giving gifts. Even though everyone has a camera on their smartphone, high-quality photo and video equipment remain sought-after. Tech tools like DSLR cameras and consumer-grade drones make great gifts for photographers and videographers, and give you the power to create from anywhere in the world.

If you're buying for a creative person who's been building their setup for a while, camera accessories such as mounts, stabilizers, and ring lights can help them reach new levels in their craft. Just like purchasing accessories for a musician instead of a new instrument, smaller accessories are a great way to let them try something new while also using the equipment they already have.

While one gift won't change the world, buying a gift to encourage creativity may change the world for one person. And who knows: maybe they'll end up becoming the next big thing!