The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch)

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  • Release Date: 03-03-2017
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Return to the land of Hyrule as never before in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch. Step into a vast open world of lush forests and treacherous mountain peaks, and explore over 100 Shrines of Trials. As Link you'll need to hone your sword skills and use all of your combat savvy to defeat enemies of all shapes and sizes.

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The wilds of Hyrule

  • Explore Hyrule like never before: climb up towers and mountain peaks, or plunge into the vast wilderness
  • Solve the puzzles in over 100 Shrines of Trials to earn special items and valuable rewards to help you on your journey

Gear up for adventure

  • You'll need a variety of outfits and gear to reach every corner of Hyrule; from thick clothes to keep you warm to attire more suited to the desert heat, you're going to need more than just your trusty green tunic
  • Hunt wild beasts and gather ingredients for the food and elixirs you'll need to sustain you on your adventure

Combat beyond Down Thrust

  • Hyrule is inhabited with enemies of all shapes and sizes, each with its own attacks and weaponry, so you'll need to think quickly and find the right strategies to defeat them

amiibo support

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild features amiibo support for compatible Legend of Zelda series figures (each sold separately)
  • Note: amiibo toy figures and cards functionality may vary -- visit the Nintendo amiibo website for the latest compatibility information

Note: A Nintendo Switch Online membership may be required for online play. Please check the game detail page on for membership requirements.


ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+

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  • from Toronto, ON


All I need to say is that this game is amazing, and if you have a switch and don't have this game, what are you doing with your life.

  • from Ancaster

Great game!

This game was super fun to play and never had a dull moment! (Well, I shouldn't say NEVER.) But it was an extremely fun ride!

  • from Nanaimo, BC

It's fine.

As far as Switch games go, it's one of the best. As far as Zelda games go, it's one of the better ones. As far as Open World games go, it's average. Overrated due to it being a beloved Nintendo franchise, it's a shaky step into the genre. If you have a switch, it's worth a buy right now. It certainly doesn't justify getting a switch on it's own and it will not be remembered as one of the classic Zelda titles in the future.

  • from North York, ON

A real masterpiece

This is a must have for every Switch owner.

  • from Markham, ON

Best Zelda Game Ever

This is a must-own title if you own a Switch.

  • from Outlook SK

This is what you want!

If you don't have a Nintendo Switch. Get one . And start it off with the Best game on ANY console Right now. Best open world game? Yes. Best Zelda Game? Check. Amazing wepon variaty ? Of course. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild isn't just a good Game, but a Legendary one. A classic An experience that will be remembered, long after the system is shut off.

  • from Woodbridge, ON

One of the Best Zelda Titles out there.

The Legend of Zelda series almost always produces amazing games and Breath of the Wild is one of the best of them. This amazing, open world experience provides over a hundred hours of never ending fun! Many believe the story to be somewhat weak, however, from my personal experience, I thought the story was wonderfully written and somewhat emotional. But even if there was no story at all, the huge, gorgeous world and fantastic game play would be enough to earn this game a five star rating on their own.

  • from Hamilton, ON

Amazing game!

So much to see and do. This game is amazing whether or not you're a fan of the zelda games

  • from Barrie, ON


Once in a while, a new game comes along that makes you go "this is why I love Nintendo." Breath of the Wild is that kind of game. Let's start with the basics. Link wakes up from a 100 year slumber with no memory of the world he left behind. There's no beginners tutorial, no mandatory sidequests and no boundaries on where to go. Pretty awesome huh? Sheikah towers have been erected in each region across the land that act as warp points. By climbing to the peak of these towers, Link can sync his Sheikah slate to the towers computer to gain access to the region's map and plot his next move from a high vantage point with his trusty Paraglider. You will spend a significant portion of time unlocking towers and shrines (mini dungeons) that tie the world together. Whether you're climbing mountains, cooking food or killing baddies, there is so much content in Breath of the Wild to keep you busy for 100 hours +. If you are a Zelda fan, or just a fan of open world games in general, you owe it to yourself to play this awesome game.

  • from Ganges, BC

Loved It.

A few things right off the bat. 1) This is my first Legend of Zelda title I've ever played. 2) I literally bought the switch strictly for this game But with that said i don't regret a cent i spent on this game or the console. Breath of the wild has me up until the wee hours of the morning (Its currently 3 AM) Just thinking to myself One more little thing to do then i'll go to sleep, as if to promise myself i can put it down, but this game is so full of life every little step you take has something new be it either a mini dungeon (Shrines) Or finding a horse to tame or stumbling across a town in need of help, I've played for somewhere near 40 hours and still haven't come close to beating the game to the extent i feel i want to. Both me and my friends can't put it down but with all this being said ... When i light on fire sometimes the frame rate will go down the music can get annoying (Especially in the fire area) when it shows up at all Sometimes the lock on system (That's optional thank god) won't work and you won't have your shield facing your opponent causing you to get hit and get a game over just because the stupid thing turned you around for whatever reason sometimes enemy placements can be a touch much in power for small guys yet some bosses are easily taken out and are VERY easy All said and done however i love this game to bits, and i'd say to anyone still wondering to buy it. So SO worth it

  • from Grande prairie Alberta

What I didn't know I wanted

Loving the art style and the more RPG feel, having weapons that break all the time sounds like a bad thing but it forces you to try new types and different combat styles which makes exploration feel rewarding

  • from Vancouver, BC

going to give me kid glasses

son plays this game non stop and talks about it non stop. Be prepared to be annoyed by your kid a lot if you buy this game for him.

  • from Hamilton, ON

10+ Stars !!

I have been a Zelda franchise fan since 1987. This game is by far the BEST game I have ever played. I have spent 200 hours of bliss and I still want to play it more. I recommend this game to Everyone!! Well worth the money, and a game that can be re-played again.

  • from Beaconsfield, QC

An example to follow when it comes to open world games

I had very low expectations of this game since it seemed as if it was no longer going to be like the Zelda that everyone knew, but o boy did it get better than ever. Never in my 24 years of gaming have I seen such a perfect open world game where there is always something to collect or explore. The map is huge and I still have not been able to discover half of the map despite playing for over 40 hours

  • from Ajax, ON

A True Game Changer!

This is a game changer on the level of Ocarina of Time and Mario 64. People will be talking about this game for decades to come. Great open world, amazing gameplay, fun characters, what else could you want in a game?

  • from Vancouver, BC

Best gaming experience I've had in a long time..

The game is beautiful, every inch of the vast landscape feels custom crafted - not generated. It's hard to describe the many reasons I love this game but I think it comes down to the sense of wonder and mystery that you experience while you explore the open world. I'm always amazed when I find a small hidden area up in the mountains or a shrine tucked away in a underground area only accessible with bombs. Legend of Zelda games in the past have always been restricted to a linear path - ex. Forest Temple, Fire Temple. Water Temple. In Breath of the Wild, you are thrown into the open world and you get to shape your path through it. You can rush through the main quests - or explore the world completing side quests and unlocking shrines to increase your heart or stamina levels. It's all up to you! It will be my favorite game for a very long time - over 100 hours in and no where near ready to take on Ganon and feel no rush to do so.

  • from Toronto, ON


I was never a fan of Zelda but I felt i was forced to buy this since Nintendo Switch came out with no interesting games. There is nothing challegening about this game it basically tells you what to do and just follow the boring story line. it's so long but i'm almost done i don't think i would of continued this game if i wasn't sick in bed. Nintendo should of released a Mario game with the launch of this system.

  • from Port Coquitlam, BC

the Legend of Zelda Breath of the wild

its a great game i love the open world being able to walk were ever i want i love the combat how ever there are some fps problems in grassy spots but still a great game

  • from Toronto, ON

I love it!

If I play i play 17 hours straight. There is so many things to do in this game

  • from Burnaby

Good game

good game such wow much awesome!

  • from Surrey, BC

Breathtakingly gorgeous

This one is definitely going to be a classic. Eye popping scenery, adventurous, and just a well thought out game. This is a game where you'd want to explore everywhere as there's always something surprising you will come across.

  • from Delta, BC

Incredible must have game!

This game lives up to the hype, I have put in over 40 hours and am finding new things by the minute. Really incredible game.

  • from ar2qgwq

get it know


  • from Markham, ON

Perfect launch title.

This game is so good no other launch titles are needed. And that's good because there are none. Even if you are not a huge Zelda fanboy you will enjoy this game, I am not and I am very much in love with it.That being said it's really the only reason to pick up a Switch right now, so if you are not sure wait a bit for more games.

  • from Springbrook

An all-time masterpiece, pinnacle of Zelda! Massive game!

It's finally here, the moment you've waited so long for...a nearly endless adventure of one of the most critically acclaimed franchises from Nintendo! There is nothing like your first time playing through a Zelda game. This game is so massively huge with expansions on the way that it will keep you going for a very long time! Before, you would beat a Zelda game and the first time through was always the best experience. But then you'd have to wait several years for another one! Well, I'm happy to say that for the average gamer, this Zelda title should last you much longer time than ever before! It will keep you learning new things, discovering new strategies, and with an open-world environment there will be expansions after expansions (DLC content to come) that will keep you going for longer! If you are new to Zelda, this is a good game to get started as you don't necessarily need to understand much of the past history to really get what's going on. Good strategy, survival skills, and just an open mind. If you have experience with this series that may help you a bit, but this game is so much more than those "guided quests" from Midna (Twilight Princess) and Fi (Skyward Sword)! It will require so much more of you. It will challenge you to make necessary preparations before going forward. Jumping ahead of the game without doing so could make things very difficult for you in progressing! Amazing game though! I would also get the Expansion Pass for even more content to come. Amazing game

  • from Drummondville, QC

Best game ever

Just best game, 10/10 gameplay, story, map etc

  • from Toronto, ON



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