Connected Fitness

Bring the fitness studio home.

Connected fitness equipment gives you access to an endless selection of virtual classes based in beautiful destinations around the world. Follow expert instructors as they coach you along the way with personalized wellness recommendations and more. All without leaving your home.

Why connected fitness?

In-studio experience meets at-home convenience.

Skip the commute to the studio. Get moving and break a sweat in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Hundreds of live and on-demand classes led by expert instructors.

Enjoy instant access to a growing selection of virtual workout classes led by world-class instructors.

A wellness routine that’s tailored to you.

Get personalized health and fitness tips like workout routines, nutrition plans, and sleep advice.

A community that helps keep you motivated.

Give and get encouragement as part of a virtual community of individuals on their own fitness journey.

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Connected treadmills and incline trainers.
If building endurance and losing weight are among your top fitness goals, a connected treadmill is your go-to. Follow high-energy instructors as they take you through virtual tracks and trails around the world. Connected treadmills can automatically adjust your speed, incline and resistance level to keep you on track with exactly what your trainer is doing⁠—or choose to go at your own pace.
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Connected ellipticals.
Go for a solo run or add your friends and compete in virtual challenges with a connected elliptical trainer. This machine is easier on the joints than a treadmill, making it a great choice for people easing their way into cardio⁠—whether you’re new to this whole exercise thing or just getting back to it. Kicking up the intensity is easy too, so you can quickly kick it up a notch (or several) when you’re ready to take it to next level.
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Connected studio cycles.
Bring spin class home and score the best seat⁠ every time. Studio cycles are a fantastic way to burn calories, get your sweat on and your heart pumping with the least amount of impact on your joints. Focus on crushing your personal bests while a virtual coach automatically adjusts your bike’s speed, incline, and resistance as the interactive class progresses.
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Connected rowing machines.
Enjoy virtual rowing classes set on breathtaking lakes and rivers around the planet. Mimicking the natural movement of rowing a boat, this machine engages the entire body, leading to improvements in coordination, endurance, and overall strength. If you're looking for a machine that'll give you an intense total-body workout, look no further.
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