Best Buy Membership

Best Buy Membership

Our Members enjoy great benefits. You can too.

For just 19.99/month, get free tech support, huge savings on protection plans, and more.¹

Why Best Buy Membership?

Get free setup and support.

Members get free round-the-clock tech support on all their devices, whether they bought them at Best Buy or not.²

Save on Best Buy Protection.

Members save big on Best Buy Protection plans that go above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty so they can enjoy their tech worry-free.

Enjoy exclusive savings and benefits.

Members enjoy huge savings on everyday tech essentials like batteries, ink, and more so they can stay stocked up.

How Members get huge savings

Enjoy free remote and in-store support

Need one of these computer services as soon as possible? For just $19.99/month, get it free this month, next month— as many times as you need, remotely or in-store.

Save big on Best Buy Protection

Bought a new product in the last 30 days? Pay $19.99/month and get huge savings on protection plans that provide multi-year coverage and protect you from physical damage.

Ready to buy? Members save big on  plans in-store and online.

Save up to 50% on in-home services

Need a TV mounted? Or home networking optimized? For just $19.99/month, save big, and let us get these physical and technical in-home services done for you.

How Members save every month

Product discounts.

Get savings on tech essentials online and in-store: 50% off select batteries and up to 25% off select printer ink and toner. No dealers, limits in effect, offers subject to change.

Free virus and data protection.

Get all household devices set up with security and anti-virus software (BitDefender and McAfee). Plus, shop and bank online safely with a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Free cloud storage and backup.

Store memories from multiple devices with 1TB of cloud storage. We also set up conveniently scheduled back-ups so you can recover your entire hard drive anytime.

20% off hardware repairs.

Computer equipment is not perfect, and damage happens. Bring broken or damaged devices to a Geek Squad Service Desk near you.

Start saving today.

Get Member benefits online and in-store in minutes.
Have a peace of mind with with Best Buy Protection+.