Over-the-Range Microwave Installation and Recycling

Need help installing your new over-the-range microwave? Leave the setup to us.

Our expert technicians will install your new over-the-range microwave and can even haul away and recycle your old one. This service will be completed after your new unit is delivered. For more information about this service, please read the guide below.

Under the recommendations of public health authorities, our expert in-home installers are taking extra precautions during this challenging time. For in-home services, please be aware of these additional safety measures.

Service pricing

Our experts will install and connect your new over-the-range microwave and haul away your old one for $159.99.

What's included

An expert technician will:

  • Install and test your new over-the-range microwave.
  • Mount, center, and secure support bracket as required by the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Check and rotate the exhaust fan as required for existing ventilation.
  • Remove and recycle all packaging from the new unit and any waste from the installation.
  • Optional: Uninstall and recycle your existing microwave on the installation date.

What's not included

  • Required electrical modifications
  • Required plumbing services
  • Required structural modifications
  • Removal of obstacles or cabinetry involved with installation/appliance recycling
  • Costs of permits or additional plumbing/modifications to comply with all building codes

How to purchase Over-the-Range Microwave Install & Recycle

Over-the-Range Microwave Install & Recycle is offered as an optional add-on service for microwaves sold and fulfilled by Best Buy. Simply add an over-the-range microwave to your cart to see if this service applies.

Available services will appear below the product description once you add the appliance to your cart. To purchase this service, select the “Over-the-Range Microwave Install & Recycle” box before continuing to checkout.

How to schedule your over-the-range microwave installation service

After purchase, we’ll call you to confirm your delivery date. Quick Contractors, our third-party installation experts, will then email you a link to schedule an installation date.

Important: you must schedule your installation service with Quick Contractors on a date after your scheduled delivery.

How to prepare for your over-the-range microwave installation service

Please ensure you have all the required parts. Parts are not included with this service.

Have your permits for plumbing, electrical and structural modifications ready. Check your city bylaws for required permits.

Ensure any necessary electrical modifications are done before we arrive.

Prepare the area by removing any cabinetry to accommodate removing your old microwave or installing your new one.

Still looking for an answer?

If you have additional questions about our over-the-range microwave installation service, please call us at 1-866-585-4494.