From video games to cell phones, Best Buy offers various products you can pre-order before their release date.

Why should I pre-order a product?

Skip the lines in-store! Get your pre-order shipped right to your door as close to (but not before) the release date as possible.

How do I pre-order a product?

You can pre-order products both online and in-store.


Pre-ordering from is easy.

1. Add the item to your cart and check out.

2. We’ll send you an email confirmation.

3. We’ll only charge your credit card when the product has shipped.


You can also pre-order most products at any Best Buy store. For most in-store pre-orders, you’ll need to pay a $10 deposit to secure your product. If you change your mind before the pre-order is released, we’ll refund your deposit.

When will I get my pre-order?

We’ll email you when we’ve shipped your product. You’ll get it in on or as close to the release date as possible. If the release date is on or close to a holiday, there may be a slight shipping delay.

Can I pick up my pre-order in-store?

If you pre-ordered a product in-store, you can also pick it up in-store on or after the release date.

Quick and Easy Store Pickup isn’t available for online pre-orders because we can’t guarantee the product will be in-stock in stores.

When will I be charged for my pre-order?

You’ll only be charged for your pre-order when it’s ready to ship out. You can change your payment method any time before your order ships out.

Please note: Pre-order payments made by PayPal are only good for 180 days and will expire after this. If your PayPal payment expires, you’ll need to update your payment method to a credit card. To avoid this, only pre-order with PayPal if the product’s release date is within the next 180 days.

Why was my credit card declined even though it’s still valid?

We’ll charge your credit card when your product ships, so your card needs to be valid on the product’s release date. To avoid your credit card getting declined, make sure to check that the expiry date falls after the pre-order release date.

How do I cancel my pre-order?

If you pre-ordered in-store, bring your pre-order receipt to any Best Buy store and our Blue Shirts can cancel your pre-order for you. They’ll also refund your deposit if you paid one.

If you pre-ordered online, find your order and go to the order details page. If your product hasn’t been shipped, press the Cancel Order button and you won’t be charged for the order. If your product has been shipped, you can return it in-store or by mail after you receive it.

What if the price drops after I place my order?

If the price of a pre-order product drops before it ships, we’ll automatically charge you the lower price. If the price increases, you’ll still pay the lower price.

What if I paid for my pre-order with a gift card and the price drops?

If the price drops, we’ll refund the difference to your original gift card. Just call 1-866-BEST-BUY and make sure you have the original gift card you used.

What if I find a lower price somewhere else?

Our Low Price Guarantee ensures that you get the best price on products you buy from Best Buy. If you find a lower price with a retailer or authorized dealer online, in-store, or in print before you buy or within 30 days of your purchase we’ll gladly match that price.

What do I do if I still haven’t received my pre-order?

If you haven’t received a shipping email and the released date has passed, please call us at 1-866-BEST-BUY (237-8289) to find out when your pre-order will arrive.

If you’ve received your shipping email and the release date has passed, please find your order and track it on the shipping carrier’s website.

Can I pre-order more than one item at a time?

Online, you can pre-order as many different items as you want on a single order. We’ll deliver each item once it’s released. Some pre-order products have a household limit, which means you can only pre-order a limited number of the same item.

In-store, you can pre-order as many items as you want, but some pre-order items have a household limit. We’ll also ring each item through as an individual transaction. This ensures you’ll get a proper refund (including any deposit paid) if you need to return an item.

My pre-order comes with a beta/early access code or additional downloadable content. What’s this and how do I get it?

A beta code is a promo code provided by the video game studio to get feedback on the game before it’s released. Beta versions of games are usually only available for a limited time.

Downloadable content codes are game add-ons that are provided on the release date. These "DLC" codes can range from weaponry, costumes, characters, multiplayer maps, and more.

Beta and DLC codes are either packaged with the game or emailed directly to you. Check the promotional text on the product detail page to find out how to get your code.

I didn't receive my code. What do I do?

Call us at 1-866-BEST-BUY (237-8289).

Will I receive the promotional items that come with a video game title I pre-ordered in store?

Unfortunately, video games pre-ordered in-store don’t automatically come with promotional items. Promotional items are available in limited quantities on a first-come, first-served basis.

I'm ordering a SteelBook™ online and see that I'm being charged $0.01 for it. Why?

This is done for tracking and internal purposes only. We’ll deduct $0.01 from your game or movie to make up for this.

What do I do if a limited edition version or a bonus gift becomes available for the same price after I pre-order?

We can’t automatically upgrade your pre-order, but you can cancel your first pre-order and place another one for the limited edition or bonus gift version.