Mattress Scheduled Delivery

If you’re purchasing mattress and you need it delivered to your home, you can schedule when you’d like the delivery to take place. For more information, please read our guide below, then once you're ready, start shopping for mattresses.

Mattress scheduled delivery cost

If you live within a major urban area, scheduled delivery costs $49.99 per mattress delivered.

Scheduling a mattress delivery

When purchasing a mattress online, you'll need to enter the address you'd like the mattress to be delivered to during the checkout process.

If the address you enter is a major urban area, you'll be able to schedule a preferred delivery date right away during the checkout process.

If the address you enter is a remote area, you'll be asked to enter a phone number. Once you've placed your order, one of our delivery partners will call you within 7 days to schedule a delivery date. Please note, the delivery cost will vary based on your location.

Changing your mattress' scheduled delivery date

You can reschedule your mattress' delivery date up to 2 days before your original scheduled delivery date. 

To do so, contact us with your order number handy. You can find your order number:

  • In the subject line of your order confirmation email.
  • In your Order History (if you placed the order using your Best Buy Canada account).

How to prepare for your mattress' delivery

Before our delivery partner arrives to your residence with your mattress, please ensure that:

  • A person who is 18 years or older is available to accept your delivery during your scheduled time window.
  • The delivery path is clear of any obstacles*.

*Does not apply to remote deliveries as our delivery partners are only able to deliver your mattress to the door. Remote delivery customers must clear their driveway and walkways of obstacles for delivery to the door. If the delivery truck can’t reach your home because the driveway or walkway is blocked, delivery will be curbside.

When your mattress arrives

If you live in a major urban area, our delivery partners will unwrap your new mattress and lay it in place on any existing rails/bed frame.

If you live in a remote area, please note that your mattress can only be delivered to your door.

Please note: mattresses are manufactured to bend up to 30 degrees from flat—if you would like the delivery team to attempt a delivery exceeding this limit—like bending the mattress further than 30 degrees to get through a door, for example—they may ask you to sign a release in case the product or property is damaged.

Still looking for an answer?

If you have additional questions about scheduled deliveries, please call us at 1-866-585-4494.