Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription is an affordable new way to always have the latest and greatest tech. In partnership with Fairstone™, you can get a brand-new laptop every two years for one low monthly price.* After two years, simply trade-in your old laptop and upgrade to a new model or pay the Buy-Out Value to keep your device.

Questions about your Monthly Subscription or Fairstone account? Read the guide below for financing and payment information, program details, and what to expect at the end of your term.

Want to learn more about the program? Visit our Monthly Subscription page to see how it works and to start your application today.

*On approved credit. Terms and conditions apply.

Accessing your Fairstone account

Looking to access your Fairstone account online? After registering your account, you can log in to Fairstone’s online account management to access the following information:

  • Monthly electronic statements
  • Account balance
  • Payment due dates
  • Minimum payments
  • Recent transaction history
  • And more

Receiving your monthly statements

You’ll receive your first statement from Fairstone within 30 days of purchasing a laptop with Monthly Subscription. It will contain payment details, important account information, a summary of your credit plan, and more.

Fairstone will send you your monthly statements by email. But if you’d prefer to have them printed and mailed to you, give Fairstone a call at 1-866-508-7765 to make the switch.

You can also access your monthly statements by logging into your Fairstone financing account online. For help understanding your monthly statement, read Fairstone’s statement guide.

Making payments

Please make your payments to Fairstone Financial Inc. – our trusted financing partner. Monthly Subscription payments cannot be made directly to Best Buy.

Your monthly statement from Fairstone will clearly state how much you owe and when the payment is due. You can pay your bill in any of the following ways:

  1. Telephone or online banking (enter ‘Fairstone - Credit Cards’ as the payee)
  2. At your financial institution
  3. At a local Fairstone branch
  4. Mailed cheques payable to Fairstone. Include the account number and the payment amount on the return portion of your mailed monthly statement addressed to:

    Fairstone Financial Inc. Attn: Payment Processing
    630 René-Levesque Blvd. W. Suite 1400
    Montréal, QC
    H3B 4Z9

Fairstone will not accept down payments to reduce your monthly payments. However, you can pay off your account balance at any time if you plan on keeping your device.

There are no penalties if you pay the account balance in full by the end of the term. If you do not pay off your account balance within the terms of your promotional plan, you may be subject to accrued interest charges.

Trading-in your device for an upgrade

At the end of your Monthly Subscription, you can trade-in your current working laptop at a participating Best Buy and upgrade to a new model for another 2-year term. Upgrades are subject to credit approval. Read the steps below to see how it works:

  1. Check the condition. To be considered for trade-in, make sure your laptop meets the required trade-in condition outlined in Schedule A of your terms and conditions. If your device is damaged or does not meet the “Monthly Subscription Buy-out Value Trade-in Requirements," you may still qualify for our regular Trade-In Program. To protect the future trade-in value of your device, we recommend adding Best Buy Protection to your Monthly Subscription package.
  2. Back-up your data. All data and information will be wiped from the laptop after it’s returned, so please make sure you back up your device. Best Buy Canada isn’t responsible for any loss of any data or media from products delivered to us for trade-in.
  3. Return the laptop. You can return your laptop in-person at a participating Best Buy store.
  4. Upgrade to a new model. After returning your old laptop, you can pick out a brand-new one and begin the Monthly Subscription cycle over again!

Keeping your device

Want to keep your device at the end of your term? No problem! Pay the Buy-Out Value and the laptop is all yours.

The Buy-Out Value will be added to your final monthly statement from Fairstone and is due after your plan expires. Once the Buy-Out Value is added to your final statement, pay the bill as you would every other month.

If you purchased a Best Buy Protection plan for your Monthly Subscription laptop, your coverage stops at the end of your term. If you want to continue enjoying all the benefits of Best Buy Protection, you'll need to purchase a new protection plan for an additional term. To get Best Buy Protection for your device, visit a store near you.

Cancelling your subscription and returning your device

Decide on a different model? Experiencing buyer’s remorse? No worries. Whatever the reason, you can cancel your Monthly Subscription and return your laptop to a Best Buy store within 30 days. After processing your return, Fairstone will credit your account.

Refer to the Best Buy return and exchange policy for full details.

Returning a device with Best Buy Protection or Best Buy Membership

Returning a Monthly Subscription laptop with a Best Buy Membership or Best Buy Protection plan included in the transaction? We'll automatically cancel your Membership and protection plan and refund you in full.

If you purchased a Best Buy Membership or Best Buy Protection plan for your device on a different transaction, we'll process a separate refund to make sure they're cancelled too.

Still looking for an answer?

If you have more questions about your financing account, give Fairstone a call at 1-866-508-7765. Fairstone agents are available weekdays from 8am – 9pm ET.

For more questions about your Monthly Subscription, give us a call or chat with us online.