Returning or Exchanging Gifts

Best Buy is one of Canada's favourite places to get gifts for and from friends, family, and loved ones. And even though the good intentions are there, we know that sometimes a gift isn't always perfect. That's why we aim to make returns and exchanges simple and hassle-free.

Returning a Gift

If the gift wasn’t perfect, no worries: bring it back. 

Items that were intended as gifts can be returned by the purchaser as a regular return in-store or possibly, by mail

Otherwise, if you were given a gift that you'd like to return or exchange with a gift receipt, read the steps below. 

How to return a gift:

  1. Check the item’s return policy: Make sure your item is eligible for return by reading our Return and Exchange Policies. Most purchases from Best Buy can be returned or exchanged within 30 days from the date of your in-store purchase, or 30 days from the date your online order is delivered, with some exceptions and depending on the type of product and the condition of its return.
  2. Pack everything up: Make sure the product is in its original packaging, and that you include all the parts of the product, including original accessories and any bonus items (if applicable). In order to start your return or exchange, you'll need everything that was in the box, plus any extras that came with the purchase.
  3. Bring your gift receipt: Make sure you have your gift receipt so we can process your return.  If you don’t have a gift receipt, and feel comfortable doing so, please ask the gift giver to come in-store to confirm their information. Then we can provide them with a gift receipt to give to you, or we can process the product as a normal return.
  4. Head to a Best Buy store: You can check the status of your local stores by using our store locator. Some stores may have limited operations due to provincial regulations.
    Learn more about any service changes in your province.

Please note: The value of the gift item(s) being returned with a gift receipt can only be credited to a Best Buy gift card.

Cancelling Your Order Online

Because we’re trying to get items to you as fast as possible, there’s a limited window to cancel your order. To see if you can cancel, find your order

On the order details page, look for a Cancel Order button. 

If the Cancel Order button isn’t there, your order is already being processed by our team and we’re unable to cancel it. 

In this case, you can easily start the return process once you've received the product. Return or exchange the product at your nearest Best Buy store or you can choose to mail the product back as well. 

Check out more info on cancelling or editing your order. 

There are some conditions and exceptions. Learn more about returns and exchanges.

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