Dishwasher Installation

Need your dishwasher installed? Leave the heavy lifting to us. Our professional and licensed installation experts can install and connect your new dishwasher after the unit is delivered.

For more information or answers to your questions about our dishwasher installation service, please read the guide below. You’ll find pricing details, what’s included, what’s not included, and more. Plus, get tips to make the installation process go smoothly and find out if any additional parts, permits, or fees are required.

Once you’re ready, start shopping for dishwashers.


Starting at $199.99. If you need us to haul away and recycle your existing dishwasher, we can do so on the installation day for $34.99. Additional permit fees may apply.

What's included

Our expert installers will:

  • Install a shut-off valve, supply line, and any other minor plumbing and electrical as required up to existing branch wiring and plumbing source.
  • Hook up your new dishwasher to existing plumbing and electrical.
  • Turn on the hot water feed and check all connections.
  • Inspect and ensure any surrounding mechanical services are intact and free of leaks following the installation.
  • Ensure the discharge hose is properly looped to prevent backflow into the dishwasher.
  • Ensure the dishwasher is properly grounded.
  • Remove and recycle all packaging from the new unit, along with any waste from installation.

What's not included

Our installation experts will not:

  • Make any required electrical or plumbing modifications, beyond replacing or installing a new shut-off valve.
  • Modify cabinetry, counters, and/or flooring to accommodate the installation.
  • Cover the costs of permits, additional plumbing, and/or modifications to comply with building codes.
  • Remove and recycle your existing dishwasher (available for an additional fee).

Purchase this service

To purchase this service online, add an eligible dishwasher to your cart and select “Dishwasher Install” before continuing to checkout. Payment for the installation service is processed at the same time and on the same order as the new dishwasher.

You can also purchase this service in-store for a dishwasher you already own. Visit a store near you and speak with a Blue Shirt or Geek Squad Agent for more information.

Schedule this service

Once you've made your purchase online, we’ll call to confirm your delivery date. Quick Contractors, our third-party installation experts, will then email you a link to schedule an installation date.

You must book your installation service at least one day after your scheduled delivery date.

Need to reschedule or cancel your service? Contact us or connect with Quick Contractors directly by emailing

Prepare for this service

Help your installation go smoothly:

  • Have the Home Delivery team place your dishwasher within 10 ft. of a water source. Our installation team will not move the unit from a different room to the installation location.
  • Check your city bylaws for required permits. If required, have your permits for plumbing, electrical, and structural modifications ready.
  • Make any necessary structural, plumbing, electrical, or gas line modifications before we arrive.
  • Clear a path from the street to the installation area, making sure there are no obstacles in the way.

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