TV Setup and Mounting

Need help getting your new TV up and running? Leave the setup to us.

Our Geek Squad Agents will unbox, mount, connect and test your TV, then show you how to use it. This service is completed by Geek Squad after the delivery date of your new TV. For more information about this service, please read the guide below.

Under the recommendations of public health authorities, our Agents are taking extra precautions during this challenging time. For in-home services, please be aware of these additional safety measures.

Service pricing

Our Agents will set up your new TV for $174.99.

What's included

Our Geek Squad Agents will:

  • Unbox your new TV.
  • Install a wall mount or non-mounted stand build, depending on your preferences.
  • Connect necessary cables to up to three devices in your home theatre system.
  • Dress all wires with cable ties.
  • Test all your new TV's functions and show you how to use them.
  • Integrate your new TV into your pre-existing network.

What's not included

  • Required structural modifications
  • Removal of obstacles, cabinetry, or furniture involved with the installation
  • Recycling of your old TV
  • Any required hardware and parts
  • Wire concealment/concealed wire run
  • Stand assembly
  • Audio system setup
  • Wall mount hardware
  • Stone/brick installation

How to purchase TV Setup & Mount

TV Setup & Mount is offered as an optional add-on service for TVs sold and fulfilled by Best Buy. Add a TV to your cart to see if this service applies.

Available services will appear below the product description once you add the TV to your cart. To purchase this service, select the “TV Setup & Mount” box before continuing to checkout.

How to schedule your TV setup and mounting service

This service will be scheduled after your purchase. Once your purchase is complete, visit and select the "Geek Squad In-Home Scheduling" option in the Chat or call 1-800-433-5778 with your order number ready.

Important: This service is completed by Geek Squad after your delivery date. You will receive a delivery date confirmation email. Be sure to schedule your service after your delivery date.

How to prepare for your TV setup and mounting service

Ensure you have all the required parts. Parts are not included with this service.

Ensure any necessary electrical modifications are done before we arrive.

Prepare the area by removing any cabinetry to accommodate setting up your new TV.

Still looking for an answer?

If you have additional questions about our TV setup and mounting service, please call us at 1-800-433-5778.