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Cell Phones & Accessories Return & Exchange Policy

Return Policy

Cell Phones, Smartphones & Wireless Devices*

Return Period: 15 days**
Condition: Opened

Cell Phone Accessories

Return Period: 30 days
Condition: Opened

* If you are returning an iPhone/iPad/iPod purchased after September 20, or that has had the software updated after September 18, 2013, you will need to turn off the ‘Activation lock’ feature before returning the device. How to disable ‘Activation lock’.

** Best Buy adheres to the CRTC Wireless Code of conduct and the rights of the consumer. Subject to usage restrictions set by the carriers, cell phones may be returned within up to 15 days of the purchase date, or up to 30 days after purchase for those who have self-identified themselves as a person with a disability. Wireless Code of Canada: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/info_sht/t13.htm

How to Return Cell Phones & Accessories

Return In-Store

You can return items bought in-store or online (excluding Best Buy Marketplace products).

What to bring in-store: 

  • Your original receipt 
  • Original method of payment 
  • Original packaging 
  • Valid photo ID

Return by Mail

You can return items bought online by mailing them back to us. Just request a return label.

How to request a return label:


  1. Find your order.
  2. Select “Start a Return” and contact us.