Major Appliance Open Box Products

Major Appliance Open Box Products

What is an open box appliance?

Open box simply means that the product's box has been opened. Most of the time this is because a delivery couldn’t be completed. Some are in perfect condition and others may have minor cosmetic imperfections but you can choose what you’re looking for.

Why buy an open box appliance?

  • They’re discounted from the regular price.
  • They’ve never been used.
  • They’ve been fully tested.
  • They include the manufacturer's warranty.

What condition are open box appliances in?

Open box appliances either come in perfect condition or with minor scratches or dents.

Perfect Condition

  • No cosmetic imperfections
  • Lower price than new
  • Never been used
  • Inspected and tested
  • Manufacturer's warranty

Minor Scratches or Dents

  • Cosmetic imperfections on the sides or back
  • Lower price than perfect condition open box appliances
  • Never been used
  • Inspected and tested
  • Manufacturer's warranty

Can I see a photo of the actual open box appliance?

Actual photos of open box appliances are not available due to the large number of products. However, any scratches or dents will only be on the sides or back, which means they won't be visible once the appliance is installed.

Do open box appliances include all the accessories?

Yes, open box appliances come with all the standard accessories, the same as if you had purchased a brand new product. Other parts, such as hoses and connector kits, are sold separately.

Can I return open box appliances?

Open box appliances are final sale and so we're not able to accept returns. Each appliances is thoroughly checked and tested by Geek Squad Agents in our processing facility before being resold.

What provinces and territories offer open box major appliances?

Open box major appliances are currently only available in B.C., Newfoundland and Labrador, and Ontario (excludes Ottawa).

Do Best Buy's policies apply to open box products?

Open box products come with the original manufacturer's warranties and qualifying products can be further protected by Best Buy Protection Plans. Best Buy's policies like returns, free shipping, and Lowest Price Guarantee do not apply to open box products.  

Can I go to a store to buy open box products featured on

Open box appliances are not available at Best Buy stores, although you can buy them at the clearance centre in Langley, B.C.

Can I delay delivery of my open box major appliance until my home renovation is complete?

Open box major appliances must be scheduled for delivery within 14 days of purchase. After you make your purchase, we'll send you an email within 24 hours (or 48 hours on holidays) with the first available delivery date in your area. You can call us to at 1-866-853-1168 to change the date of the delivery (as long as you call at least 48 hours before the scheduled delivery).

We'll also follow up with a concierge call from an Appliance Delivery Specialist to help make sure your delivery goes smoothly or in case you need to change your delivery date.