Large Item Scheduled Delivery

Deliveries are scheduled for large or heavy items like TVs, appliances, mattresses, and fitness equipment. When purchasing a large item, you’ll be asked to choose a delivery date during checkout. The delivery method is based on the shipping address you enter for delivery.

Rest assured that safety is our top priority when we visit your home. Our trusted delivery agents will be following provincial health and safety protocols to keep everyone safe.

Delivery methods: In-home, doorstep, and curbside

The most common method of delivery for large items is in-home delivery. There are a few instances when an item would be delivered to your doorstep or curbside. Read our delivery method descriptions below to know what to expect for your delivery.

Regardless of the method of delivery, all large item deliveries won’t be left unattended and will require a signature for delivery from a person of 18 years or older.

In-home delivery

For the most part, we offer in-home delivery for all large item purchases, whereby the delivery agent(s) will bring the item(s) directly into your home. Before your item delivered in-home, you’ll have to answer a few simple screening questions when our agent arrives at your residence. If your answers meet our health and safety standards, our agent will proceed with your in-home delivery. However, if your answers do not meet our safety standards, we can still deliver your item to your doorstep, as described below.

Doorstep delivery

If you scheduled an in-home delivery, but your answers to our screening questions do not meet our safety standards, we will deliver your item to your doorstep (instead of into your home).

If you live in a freestanding home or townhouse, your item will be delivered to your front door, porch, or garage. If you live in an apartment or condominium, your item will be delivered to the front door of your building, not your suite.

Curbside delivery for remote areas

If you live in a remote area, your item will be delivered curbside (where the driveway meets the street).

What to expect before your delivery

A week before your delivery

We’ll send you a text message to remind you of your scheduled delivery, for you to confirm that your chosen delivery date is correct, and to provide you with important safety information related to your delivery—please read this information carefully.

If you notice that any of the details are incorrect, or you would like to reschedule, simply follow the instructions included in the text message.

The day before your delivery

The day before of your scheduled delivery, you'll receive an automated call and a text message. The automated call will:

  • Confirm that your delivery is scheduled for the following day
  • Inform you of the 3-hour delivery window

Shortly after the automated call, we'll send you a text message with important information related to your delivery—please read this information carefully.

If you notice that any of the details are incorrect, or you would like to reschedule, simply follow the instructions included in the text message. If you miss the automated call, we will leave the same information as a voicemail.

What to expect during your in-home delivery service

Here’s how our agent will keep things safe while they perform your in-home delivery:

  • They will prepare a workspace that gives them enough room to work in, and that provides a safe amount of distance from you and your family. We ask that you respect this boundary and do not cross it until the agent has left your home

When the agent has completed your delivery, you will be asked to sign off on the delivery paperwork (if possible, please use your own pen). The agent will then take a picture of the paperwork for their records, as well as a picture of your new item in place.

Returns, exchanges, removals, and additional in-home services

For our agent to provide additional services such as returns, exchanges, installations, or the removal of haul-away items for recycling, they must be able to enter your home.

If you have already paid for any services, and our agent is only able to provide you with doorstep delivery, you will be refunded for the services not provided, or if you would prefer, we can return at a later date to complete the services you've purchased.

Additionally, for any returns, exchanges, or haul-away items, please disconnect and empty your old appliance, and prepare the area by clearing all obstacles in the path of the appliance removal.

Additional safety precautions

  • Delivery agents that are reporting or exhibiting flu-like symptoms, or have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days, will not be allowed to conduct deliveries
  • If possible, please use your own pen to sign any delivery paperwork

We will continue to add delivery updates to this page as the situation changes. If you have additional questions about scheduled deliveries, contact us.

Additional delivery information by product category

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