Reserve and Pick Up

We’ve evolved our Reserve and Pick Up experience so you can shop online and pick up your products at our stores safely and quickly. We're providing safe in-store access and our Blue Shirt advisors are ready to help get you what you need.

To reserve online and pick up at the store, you can pay upon pickup or, at some stores, pay online in advance of pickup. If you’re not feeling well, we encourage you to place an order online for convenient home delivery.

How Reserve and Pick Up works

1. Reserve the product you want online

Each product page will give you a list of nearby stores and the product's availability, as well as whether the pickup location will be inside the store or curbside.

Choose the store you want to pick it up from. Then enter the contact information of the person picking it up and your payment details (required for some stores).

2. Wait for your Ready for Pick Up email before heading to the store!

Don’t head to the store just yet. We’ll email you to confirm your order has been received and again when your order is ready for pick up. Then, you can come to the store.

We’ll hold your order for 24 hours before putting it back on the shelf.

3. Safely pick up at the store

For the fastest pickup experience, bring your order confirmation and 2 pieces of ID. At least one piece of ID should be a government-issued photo ID. The second piece should have the same name, e.g., credit card, debit card.

What to Do When You Arrive

What you do upon arriving at the store depends on whether you're picking it up inside the store or curbside. Find out which service your local store is offering using our store locator.

If picking up in-store:

1. Line up at the online order pickup counter. For your safety, make sure there are 2 meters between you and the person in front of you.

2. Have your confirmation email open. We'll need to see this to make sure we're grabbing the right order for you.

3. Verify your order pickup with 2 pieces of ID. Once we've confirmed you are the correct pickup person, you'll be good to go!

If picking up curbside (for prepaid orders only):

1. Park your car in the designated pickup area with your order details ready.

2. Call the store and press 3 to let us know you've arrived.

3. Wait in the car. A Blue Shirt will come to verify your 2 pieces of ID.

4. Pop your trunk and we'll place the item safely in the back of your car. If your item is too large for the trunk, we'll place the item beside the car.

5. After our Blue Shirt has stepped back 2 meters for safe distancing, check your trunk to make sure everything is good to go!

If your store is offering curbside pickup but you’d prefer to pick it up inside the store, or if you don't have a car, no worries. We're providing safe store access which includes clear store signage and proper physical distancing. A Blue Shirt will be available to help you when you arrive at the store.


At certain times, and for certain products, Reserve and Pick Up may be unavailable to allow all customers in-store and online equal access to:

  • Specific sale items (e.g. Boxing Day/Week sale items)
  • Limited quantity/hot items
  • Online-only items
  • Large items that require Scheduled Delivery
  • Services (e.g. Geek Squad, Service Plans, etc.)
  • Gift Cards
  • Pre-order items

Start shopping with

Picking up your order

When you’re reserving your item online, you can select yourself or someone else to pick up your order. Make sure you enter the contact information for the person picking it up.

To pick up the order, you will need to bring order confirmation and 2 pieces of ID. At least one piece of ID should be a government-issued photo ID. The second piece should have the same name, e.g., credit card, debit card.

Store Safety Measures

We're providing safe in-store access which includes clear store signage and proper physical distancing and capacity limits for in-store shopping and services. Cleanliness is top-of-mind, so common surfaces are wiped down and sanitized regularly.

At certain locations, we are also requiring that all customers wear masks or face coverings while shopping in our stores. Use our store locator to see if masks are required at your local store.

Cancelling a reservation

If you've changed your mind, you don't need to do anything to cancel your order. Your reservation will be automatically cancelled after 24 hours, or after 5 days if you have prepaid for your order.

Declined reservations

Sometimes an item may show as being available for pick-up at, but by the time the store receives your order and looks for the items to reserve, these items may already have been sold to another customer.

For items with limited quantities, Best Buy reserves the right to decline orders to ensure stock is available for walk-in customers.

Changes to the item’s price before pickup

Once a reservation is confirmed by the store via email, it not only reserves the physical product for you in the selected store but also the price of that product at the time of the reservation.

This means if the price goes up between the time your reservation is confirmed and the time you arrive at the store, you’ll still pay the price of the item when the reservation was confirmed.

If the price is lower when you get to the store, you’ll pay the lower price based on our Low Price Guarantee.

Please note: If the price of a product is being displayed incorrectly we reserve the right to reject the sale at the incorrect price and process the sale using the correct price in accordance with our Conditions of Use.

Reserving a phone with a plan for pickup

You can reserve a phone with a plan for pickup, but it works a little differently than our typical Reserve and Pick Up model.

Start by selecting a phone online and follow the steps provided. A Mobile Advisor will then call you to start the phone activation from the comfort of your home.

A Blue Shirt advisor will help you finish the rest of the activation when you go to your chosen store to pick up your phone.

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