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How to Cancel or Edit Your Order

We want to get items to you as quickly as possible, so there’s a limited window to cancel or edit your order.

How to cancel your order

Online orders

To see if you can still cancel your order:

1.  Find your order.

2.  On the order details page, look for the Cancel Order button.

  • If the button is there, you can cancel your order and you won’t be charged for it.
  • If the button isn’t there, it’s too late to cancel. You can still return your order after you receive it. 

Quick and Easy Store Pickup orders

If you have not received a confirmation email that your order is available, you can go to the order status page provided in your reservation received email and cancel your order online.

If your order has been confirmed and you don’t pick up your order within 5 days, it will automatically be cancelled. Your method of payment will not be charged.

Reserve and Pick Up orders

To cancel a Reserve and Pick Up order, just call the store you reserved it at and they’ll take care of it. If you haven’t picked up your order within 24 hours, we’ll automatically cancel your order.

How to edit your order

If we haven’t started working on your order yet, you may be able to edit your payment method. To add or remove items from your order, please cancel your order and place another one with the items you want.

Payment method

1. Find your order.

2. On the order details page, select the “Edit Payment” link in the Payment Method section.

3. To pay with another credit card, select one from your saved cards or add a new card. To update a billing address or expiry date for a card, please add a new card.