Expedited Shipping with Intelcom

Estimated delivery times

We work with Intelcom to have your package delivered as quickly as possible, often (but not always) by the next day— depending on where you live. On the delivery day, you can expect your order to arrive by 10pm local time. 

Tracking your package

You can track your package online with the order tracking number provided in your order shipment email, or on your order details page. 

Delivery attempts and missed deliveries

For deliveries that require someone to receive the package, Intelcom will try a total of 4 times. 

  1. Intelcom will call you after the first delivery attempt. 
  2. Intelcom will hold your package for 7 days and try another 3 times over this time. 
  3. Intelcom will return your package to Best Buy and we'll start the refund process. 

For deliveries that don't require a someone to receive them, Intelcom will leave your package in a safe place that isn't a shared entrance and can't be seen from the street. Intelcom will leave packages with concierges and in specific mailboxes when possible. 

Alternative shipping partners

At this time, our shipping partners are automatically selected based on the fastest delivery routes in your area, and we are not able to offer alternative delivery options as this time. 

If you have more questions about the delivery of your order, please contact us.